Anus bleaching

Anus bleaching has long since ceased to be something that is only done by porn actresses. More and more women, but also men, bleach their anus, or want to know more about the possibilities. Are you curious too? On this page you can read all about the different methods, the expected results and the risks.
Anus bleaching for a lighter skin around the anus

Anus bleaching topics:

  • The consultation
  • Anus bleaching – methods
  • Anus bleaching with cream
  • Anus bleaching with laser
  • Risks and Complications of Anus Whitening
  • The Result

The skin around the anus is dark in color because the skin here contains more pigment. If you find this unsightly then you can choose to bleach this skin, making it lighter.

The consultation

There are no medical reasons to bleach the anus, the reason people have it done is because they find the lighter skin more beautiful.

There are several options for bleaching the anus. For example, you can choose to buy a cream yourself. You can also have a treatment performed at a beautician or cosmetic clinic. It is important to realize that the anus is a very sensitive area. Therefore, it may be wise to opt for a treatment and not buy a cream yourself.

When you go to a beautician or clinic, the beautician will explain how the treatment works. The beautician will also ask if you suffer from itching/irritation around the anus. She will also ask if you have any allergies and what your expectations are. Of course you can also ask questions about the treatment.
Anus bleaching – methods

There are several methods available to lighten the skin around your anus.

Anus bleaching with cream

First of all, the skin is cleaned properly. Here dead skin cells are removed so that the result will be better. Then a cream with a bleaching effect is applied. This cream can contain various ingredients, such as licorice extract, kojic acid or hydroquinone. These substances all ensure that the skin produces less pigment and therefore becomes paler.
Anus bleaching with laser

Another way to bleach the anus is with laser. This is done by a doctor or plastic surgeon, but is a less commonly used technique.

Some people feel embarrassed during the treatment. This is not necessary, you can expect the practitioner, the doctor or a beautician, to have a professional attitude.

Anesthesia is not necessary for anus bleaching. After the treatment, you may go home immediately and continue with your daily activities.
Risks and complications of anus bleaching

Side effects depend on the product used:

Liquorice extract is a natural product and generally does not cause side effects;
Kojic acid and hydroquinone are chemicals and more harmful to the delicate skin of the anus.

Side effects of kojic acid and hydroquinone are:

  • Burning sensation
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Lighter/whiter skin than normal (hypopigmentation)
  • Dark spots in the skin (hyperpigmentation)
  • Anal fissures
  • Scarring (rare)
  • Anal incontinence (rare)
  • Difficulty bowel movements (rare)

In addition, hydroquinone is potentially carcinogenic.

With all methods, there is a chance of infection. There is a greater chance of infection if the skin is not properly cleaned.


Often the skin becomes lighter after 2-4 weeks and this effect remains for about 2-6 months. The result varies from person to person. Unfortunately, the result is not permanent; the skin is constantly renewing itself and therefore the color will slowly disappear. Compare this with the brown skin you get after sunbathing, it also disappears after a while. If the skin has the old color back, you can opt for a new treatment.


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