Jasmin has been very unhappy since she moved to Baltimore with her husband Marc and her little daughter Clarissa two months ago.

Marc is always in the office for a very long time and then is totally exhausted when he comes home.

He often falls asleep on the sofa.

The sex with him was never very good, but now they have almost none.

Jasmin is very lonely, she has no acquaintances or friends here.

This will not change soon, because she can’t understand the slang the black people speak here.

Jasmin hardly dares to leave the house, because as a blonde she is almost regularly hit on by the blacks here, in the most impudent way.

Jasmin has created a fake account on “Imagefap” because she is bored to death.

“Hi, I am a lonely and unsatisfied wife and mother of 21 years and currently living with my husband in Baltimore/Maryland.

Since my husband can’t really satisfy me with his mousetail

I am looking for one or more experienced men who can really do it to me, preferably African-Americans.

In the gallery, Jasmin then loaded some sexy pictures that Marc had made of her.

Of course she has cut the pictures so that you can’t see her face.

But she could not stop herself from uploading a picture where you can clearly see Marc’s “little wiener”.

Jasmin does not really intend to cheat on Marc.

But Jasmin is flattered when she gets compliments for her great looks.

When the men and also single women write what they would like to do with Jasmin’s wonderful body, Jasmin’s pussy gets really wet.

Jasmin skyps regularly with her sister-in-law Sylvia in Berlin.

As it is a wonderful early summer day today, Jasmin is sitting on the terrace while skypeing.

Jasmin’s neighbour Joe is a fat old redneck of 53 years.

He constantly compliments Jasmin in his disgustingly pushy way and tries to invite her for coffee.

Jasmin doesn’t want to be rude, but soon she doesn’t know how to avoid these invitations.

Joe is very pleased that he heard today what Jasmin discussed with Sylvia while skypeing.

It never occurred to her that anyone could understand her.

But Joe was stationed in Germany as a GI for several years, and speaks excellent German.

As if he knew it could be useful to him again, he hadn’t told Jasmin yet.

>So, so my snooty little neighbour has registered at “imagefap”, let’s see if we can find her.

Here she is, very interesting.

Then I will create a suitable account right away.<

“Hi, my name is Randy 19 years old and I study at Towson University.

I write here in German because I’m looking for contact to Germans to improve my language skills.

I’m thinking about doing my MASTER in Germany later.”

Now I’m looking for matching pictures on the internet and the profile is created.

Now some nice comments to Jasmins profile and her pictures.

And now we have to wait and see if she bites.

That was fast, Jasmin thanks for the nice comments, and asks how Randy speaks German so well.

“Hi, my grandma was German and taught me. Unfortunately she fell asleep forever last year.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry for you, I hope you’re a little over it.”

Jasmine is very happy about the contact with Randy.

He is so sensitive and she sometimes feels like he can read her mind.

When she chats with him, she has this pleasant tingling in her stomach.

After a few days the desire to meet Randy germinates in Jasmin.

She has to admit it to herself, she longs to be taken in his arms by him.

She wants to lick his athletic body, take his wonderful cock in her mouth and be fucked through by him.

She is no longer completely sane, her hormones have taken possession of her.

Jasmin is frightened of herself.

Two weeks after the first contact with Randy, she asks him for a meeting.

She tells him clearly that she wants to be fucked by him.

They arrange to meet the next day at a coffee shop nearby.

Since Marc is on a business trip for a few days, they can go to her place.

Jasmin asks her neighbour Donna to watch Clarissa.

Jasmin dresses up especially for the café visit.

Jasmin’s heart is beating like wild.

At the entrance to the café she is trembling all over, her knees are getting soft.

She takes a seat at the first free table, as she can’t stand on her feet anymore.

She is glad that Randy is late and doesn’t get to see her in this condition.

Shit, I hope he doesn’t see me.

Too bad, her neighbor Joe comes at her beaming with another greaseball.

“What a nice coincidence running into you here, and you look stunning once again.

This is my friend Bill, to whom I have told so much about my lovely neighbor.

We’ve always wanted to have coffee together, we’ll just sit with them.”

“But I’m here to meet a friend.”

“That doesn’t matter, we’ll be gone as soon as she comes.”

And already he calls a waitress and orders coffee and cake and even three cream liqueurs.

“Please don’t give me pie, I have to watch my figure.”

“You must be kidding, your figure is fabulous, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Bill hadn’t said a word to me yet.

“Joe mentioned that her husband was away on business, so you’ll have a chance to flirt.”

? Is that a crazy thing to say.

“You’ll have to forgive Bill, he’s a little rough around the edges, but he don’t mean no harm.”

I hope Randy interprets the situation correctly and stays away.

Thank God, here comes the coffee and pie and this unpleasant conversation is taking a break.

Glad to hear it too soon, Bill is also talking with his mouth full.

“You look familiar. Are you at Tinder’s?”

I thought he was gonna say IMAGEFAP.


“No, what makes you think I’m a happily married wife and mother?”

Joe smiles gloatingly and says.

“Hi, I am a lonely and unsatisfied wife and mother of 21 years and currently living with my husband in Baltimore, Maryland.

Since my husband can’t really satisfy me with his mouse tail.

I am looking for one or more experienced men who can really do it to me, preferably African-Americans.

I’m getting dizzy.

Then Joe shows me his cell phone with the pictures I have posted.

Now Joe says in almost perfect German.

“Two experienced men, African-Americans as well, are ready to give it to you good.

By the way, Randy won’t be able to come.”

“You bastards don’t really think I’m gonna go for it.”

“Nana, what’s Marc gonna say when he finds out about your intentions with Randy, or your grandma Louise.”

What the fuck else does he know about me?

Jasmine was so excited Joe was holding her hand.

“Little tip from me, if you post pictures on the Internet in the future, you might want to take off that flashy thumb ring and that fancy watch.”

“So enough chit-chat, it’s time we went back to my place and had some fun.”

As Bill and Joe get up, Jasmine makes no effort to get up.

“Move your fat ass, stupid bitch.”

It’s only when Bill and Joe are at the door that Jasmine jumps up and chases them.

When she catches up with them, her arms are hooked underneath.

“Good girl.”

On the way to Joe’s apartment, Jasmine’s head starts spinning.

How can she escape this unpleasant situation?

Her heart is pounding, her breath is pounding.

Jasmin feels so helpless and humiliated.

The day began so full of expectation, and now this.

When Joe’s apartment comes into view, Jasmin is startled, she suddenly notices this tingling in her stomach and the tingling in her pussy.

Makes her horny at the prospect of being fucked by those fat old scumbags, it can’t be.

Suddenly she is disgusted with herself.

In Joe’s hallway, Joe pulls Jasmine towards him and sticks his tongue down her throat.

Jasmin tries in vain to defend herself.

Bill now presses his crotch against her ass, she can clearly feel his powerful cock through the fabric.

Bill pushes one hand under Jasmin’s skirt and pulls down her panties, and already he fingers Jasmin’s pussy, rubs her clit.

Jasmin can’t suppress a moan.

Joe pushes Jasmin into the living room and orders “down on her knees”. When Jasmin doesn’t react immediately, there is a strong slap in the face.

With tears in her eyes Jasmin joins in and goes down on her knees.

Joe pulls his cock out of his pants, “blow” the short command comes.

Jasmin is forced to take the stinking giant cock in her mouth, she gets a choking sensation.

When she takes Joe’s cock out of her mouth again, the next slap is the next one.

“Don’t bitch about stupid turkey.”

Joe’s not squeamish, he grabs Jasmine’s head and gives her a ruthless throat fuck.

So that Jasmine temporarily deflates.

When Joe has hosed down, he finally lets go of Jasmin’s head and she can now gasp for air.

Now Jasmin is directed into the bedroom, “take off your clothes, you can keep your stockings on”, Jasmin reluctantly obeys.

Jasmin is pushed onto the bed, she is given a ring gag, her wrists are bound together with her ankles.

Now Jasmin is lying on her back, her arms and legs stretched out in the air and her cunt invites to use it.

Now it’s Bill’s turn first, he licks her plum for a short while, but then he pushes his mighty cock into Jasmin’s pussy.

Jasmine thinks she will tear it up, she thinks this killer dick will kill me.

In no time Jasmine has a never before experienced powerful orgasm, and sprays a high arc of female ejaculate.

“What a dirty bastard” comments Joe.

But Bill doesn’t let himself be put off and continues fucking. When Bill finally arrives, Jasmine has her second now somewhat less violent orgasm.

Shortly with a cloth the coarsest wiped away.

Now it is Joe’s turn to fuck Jasmin, his cock is slightly bigger than Bill’s.

Jasmin now has the feeling to tear up once more.

Well lubricated it takes much longer than before until Joe and Jasmin come at the same time.

Bill and Joe have now earned themselves a beer.

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