I’m really a fan of sex

Men are wonderful. Sometimes they’re wonderful and yet single for ages. For some, I have a hunch, why. Anyone who mentions more than once on a date that he should have been no time at all for a relationship or sweeping judgements “Women today are all greedy and unfaithful”, which is the motto of not to help things in partnership. But even small things can that stand in the way of the happiness of love. I’m thinking of a… acquaintance who only looks me in the eye when he speaks himself.

Say I something, he looks around the room, which every time I do, it tells me that he’s bored. The other day I was sitting in a cafĂ© next to a horrible Date carnage. As he talks about the psycho-sexual problems of his mother (!) swaggered, she used to shove her chewing gum again in front of her front teeth and scratched her neck. There flew maybe flakes of skin, but no sparks. (What kind of dates did you set for… Experience?)
It is of course also the dating situation itself, the courtship and mating is so difficult. When you were a teenager, it was easy. in the same course or met again and again at friends and…could check his heart and his crotch for movement.
But arranged dates are not flirts, they’re assessment centers, and the choice is merciless. Every extra kilo on the scales and every thousand less on the account give point deduction. Through the infinite possibilities offered by the Internet, no one can afford to ignore You just play around and wait for someone else to come along.

Better appears on the screen. My girlfriend recently dated a man who was blown away by her. Her humor, her warmth, their education, the sex, it was all rolled up inside out – and met parallel nor other women, as he told her openly. Yeah, could that somewhere waiting for someone even more magnificent, but this way. that nothing. The never-ending search is basically cowardice. I’m really a fan of sex, and also one-night- Stands, but a serious partner search does not become easier naked.
Jumping into bed with someone too quickly gives you intimacy, where there isn’t one yet. It’ll eventually implode and leaves a bitter aftertaste of a flirtation that leads was quickly inflated into an intimate relationship.
Also a circle of friends, who, when looking for a partner, would analyzes and comments like a team of pathologists, is not really helpful. And the worst is crampy matchmaking. “This is Sophie, she likes porn too!” No, thanks.
You better go where you think the woman of your dreams is. She is… probably more in yoga than in the barbecue master class. Do you want to… a domestic, takes a cooking class. And not just doing this, to find the great love, otherwise you will sap despair, the deters. Learn something you enjoy. There’s no woman, the least you can do is mix cocktails or salsa afterwards. And your friends can help too: Invite your single… friends to all activities, do not isolate them just because they just masturbate rather than merge. Do not constantly emphasize her single status like it’s a rash, and ask around not all the time, like “it’s going on.” Stop saying “we” (“us”) the popcorn in the cinema did not taste good”). Let them know when start to neglect personal hygiene or feel strangely to behave. And then lightning strikes somewhere: Allow them the young love and the uninterrupted bird life associated with it.
The dry spell was long, they deserve it now!

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