In the claws of evil

Chapter one

“For God’s sake! You can’t be serious”, my boss reacts completely negatively to my suggestion. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into! They are brutal criminals.”

“What choice do I have?”

“Let’s think about it, we’ll definitely find another solution.”

We are facing each other in his office and we are both very tense. He is worried about me, which I think is very nice of him, but in this situation I need his support rather than his care.

“Believe me, I have really thought about this for a long time and I have racked my brains. There is no other way”, I reply energetically. “At least not one that would be fast and efficient enough to help my sister. You know very well that every day – no matter what – every hour counts.

“And what if you both end up in Pablo’s clutches?”

“I will have to take that risk, for better or worse.”

“No, you won’t,” he insists

“Damn it, boss! This is about my sister and not about some victim. Can’t you understand that?”

He looks me thoughtfully in the eye. He resists my gaze and does not avoid it. He is a strong personality, but also has a good heart. That’s what I appreciate about him. Regret lies in his expression. Obviously he does not know any other way either. I can see concern and compassion in his eyes. Damn it! Not only does he not believe that there is no other way, he also does not believe that I have a chance of success. He doesn’t see any chance at all anymore to save my sister.

“Believe me, you are running to your doom. Your sister is in the claws of evil. Terrible claws that have never let go of a victim ever again. You know that better than anyone. You’ve been on this case too long not to realize that you can’t do anything against these criminals. Especially not by yourself.”

“But I’m not alone!” I protested.

“Liv, you know that we are here for you if you need us. But you also have to realize that you are going into the lion’s den on your own during such an action and we cannot possibly always know exactly whether you are fine or in danger. There can always be problems and it can be easy for us to come to your aid in time.

“Someone has to stop these pigs,” I insist, like a defiant child.

“But does it have to be you?”

I know that my boss appreciates me and really means well. At 24, I’m the youngest in his elite unit. I have successfully completed numerous assignments and — to be honest — I have more experience than many an old hand who just sits in an office.

“Who else, if not me?”, I defiantly oppose. “The fact is, a woman can get into the organization much easier and faster. We just have to be pretty and willing to go far and fast up to the top management level. After all, we are only decorative accessories and do not push anyone out of their place. We pose no danger to anyone. A man, on the other hand, would need months, if not years, to make significant progress in the hierarchy.

“You’re probably right,” he agrees.

“Apart from me, there is no other woman who is suitable and willing to undergo this operation. She must not be too old, should be halfway pretty and ready for anything. She must be battle-tested and above all good in self-defense, since she cannot carry a weapon with her.

My boss is getting more and more thoughtful. Even though he has known for a long time what I just told him. With my openly addressing the facts I showed him what he probably tried to suppress or not to admit all the time. Only I have sufficient motivation to do all that this assignment could demand of me and only I have the prerequisites for such an assignment.

“All right,” he finally says, “if you really want to.”

I am Liv, 24 years old and in a special police unit. For about a year we have been investigating a gang that kidnaps young girls and sells them as sex slaves to rich men. They are incredibly clever and careful. No one knows how long this organization has been up to its necks. Nobody knows the exact people behind it and how they do business. The police became aware of them when a connection could be made with a certain nightclub in Munich in several missing persons cases.

In painstaking detail work we have come to the conclusion that they have contacted girls on the Internet and lured them to Munich. They must have spied on them beforehand, because the victims are all strikingly pretty and between 18 and 20 years of age. The guys cleverly arranged it and always targeted the girls in different cities throughout Germany. In some cases, young women from Austria, France and other European countries were also involved. For a long time, the authorities therefore simply assumed that there were missing persons in the respective cities. For a long time, the investigators could not recognize that there was a connection.

Only by chance was a connection with Munich established in three cases. In long searches, 21 more cases were identified in which the trail also ends in Munich. The only connection is this restaurant. We have checked the internet profiles from which the victims were contacted. Apparently they were all very attractive young men. There were always new profiles and even the platforms were constantly changed. It was really difficult to establish a connection.

The guys were also clever. They never pushed for a meeting, they held back nobly and let the girls fidget for a long time. Only when they suggested a meeting did the trap snap shut. The men lured the girls to this very restaurant in Munich. Some of them even sent the young women the money for the trip by mail.

As soon as the girls went through the door of the restaurant, every trace was lost. Shortly after they entered, the cell phone was switched off and never went online again. This is what the analysis of the movement profiles revealed. How the young women were taken out of the restaurant and where they went is still a mystery today.

That they were sold as sex slaves to rich men is not certain. These are merely rumors that informants have brought to our attention. If I am honest, I don’t think they know anything concrete. However, it is reasonable to assume that the rumors are at least partly true. Girls who disappear in a dingy restaurant are unlikely to reappear in a Buddhist monastery.

The fate of the young women touches me personally. Even if we do not know for sure what happens to the victims, it must be something bad and have to do with sex. The assumption that they are sold as sex slaves to rich buyers is more than plausible. The girls are all extremely pretty and young. They were deliberately contacted and sometimes conspicuously put off for a long time, until, as if out of the blue, they were rendezvoused very quickly. I always had the impression that the women were only to be kept warm until a suitable buyer was found.

Yesterday my sister Anna disappeared as well. With her 18 years of age she fits perfectly into the prey scheme of the gang. Whether she was deliberately chosen to take revenge on me or whether it is pure coincidence, I cannot say. I assume that the gang does not even know that I am after them. We have always kept ourselves very much in the background during the investigations. Our goal was not to scare the organization until we had concrete information. Our successes are still far too modest to draw the gang’s attention to us. This would only jeopardize our chances of success and the gang to go into hiding between.

I hope it was not intentional and that they simply chose my sister, because otherwise my mission will be really difficult. In this case they would probably expect me or at least recognize me. Then the game will be over for me before it really starts. Besides, in this case it would be possible that my sister is already dead, because she is only a decoy for them. But I will not tell my boss about this suspicion. He is already so little taken with my idea and would certainly not agree that I go undercover.

At an earlier stage I had already toyed with the idea of infiltrating the gang. However, I had similar concerns as my boss now. But now that my sister is also affected, I am forced to act.

Chapter 2

I applied for a job as a waitress in a restaurant that apparently serves as a meeting place for the gang. I am supposed to appear there today at 18 o’clock for a job interview. Right after the interview with my boss, I called the restaurant where the girls disappeared and asked for a job. It worked out surprisingly quickly. Either they don’t find staff easily or they already expected me to get in touch. Once again, all kinds of doubts buzz through my head. But how could they recognize that it is me? That is almost impossible. They would have to know my cell phone number. That may not be completely impossible but it is not likely. In spite of my doubts, no one wants to back out now and say yes. After all, this is about my little sister. I do it for Anna!

“Here we go”, I inform my boss.

“What’s going on?”, he asks in surprise.

“I have a job interview at 6 pm today.”

“As what?

“As a waiter.

“Shit!” he misses it.

“What’s wrong?

“So soon?

“Every hour counts!

“It does,” he says. He’s obviously going too fast. Or he was hoping that I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with the guys. But then he seems to get himself together. “All right, you don’t want it any other way. Get fitted.”

“I’m on my way!”

I’m relieved that he doesn’t slow me down at the last minute. Even if he is not really convinced by the action or rather worried about me, I still have his backing. On my own, I would really have no chance. I hurry to get advice from my colleagues in the technical department. First of all, they want to know exactly what it’s all about, and then they consult briefly with each other. Finally I get a GPS transmitter that is injected under my skin.

“Shit that you don’t wear piercings. We would have a device to listen in on, which we could place unnoticed this way,” says one of the colleagues.

“I have a piercing,” I clarify.

“In your belly button?”, he wants to know.


“In the nipples?”, he continues. And he grins a little dirty.

“No, a genital piercing,” I say.

“Oho,” he says. “Shall I change it for you or will you do it yourself?”

He grins almost dirty and looks mischievously at his colleague. He also grins dirtily and is already rubbing his hands.

“No, give it to me, I’ll do it myself!”

“Shouldn’t we check that it’s sitting properly,” the second officer reams in.

“I know how to change a piercing,” I bark at him. “I’m more interested in how that thing works.”

“You don’t have to do anything at the station. It constantly transmits everything the microphone receives,” the first official explains objectively. And he gives me a small box. When I open it, I recognize a normal piercing that is not noticeable.

“This is the receiver,” he continues. He hands me a device the size of a shoe box. “Whoever sits at this end hears everything.”

“How about clothes?” I ask. “If I wear jeans, can you still hear anything?”

“The device is extremely sensitive and controls itself. Of course, the device absorbs more if it is not hindered by clothing. But even then it is still far enough to transmit conversations cleanly. I do have one tip, though. It could possibly be embarrassing, because everything is transmitted,” adds the second. Once again he grins smugly and makes a clear hand movement.

I won’t go into his dirty thoughts any further. I thank him, take the stuff and return to my office. With the piercing I go to the toilet and exchange it. On the way back I go to the boss and show him what technique I got.

“Good, then Franz should take the receiver. He and Günther are supposed to monitor you constantly,” he determines.

“Boss, would it be possible for two women to take over this task?” I ask cautiously. “It would be embarrassing for me if Franz and Günther found out all my secrets in the next few days.”

“If your assignment really gets down to business, then the listeners are likely to be the least of your problems,” he explains. “I’d rather have two experienced colleagues near you and be able to intervene immediately.

I briefly consider whether I should contradict him, but leave it alone. He is right. If I get into a dicey situation, the listeners at the receiver are probably the least of my problems. Besides, I don’t want to get the boss to call off the action in the last few meters. That’s why I accept his decision to avoid further discussions.

Chapter 3

“Good evening, I am Liv, I have an appointment to introduce myself. I would like to work here,” I say to the bartender.

Punctually at 18 o’clock I entered the store and looked around briefly. Since there was nobody else to be seen, I went straight to the bar.

The bartender only looked up when I approached him. His look is bored at first, but changes almost instantly.

“Oh, hello!”, he stammers. “Oliver will be right there. Would you like something to drink?”

“No thanks, I’m fine.”

“Or nervous?”

“Rather that,” I confess.

I sit down on one of the barstools and wait. The outfit I have chosen is youthful and sassy. I wear an outrageously short leather mini and a shirt that ends just below the breasts, revealing my perfectly trained stomach. If I’m going to apply for a job in a dodgy bar, then the clothes should be appropriate. For my taste I’m dressed a bit too slutty and I had to get the parts first. Privately I would never wear something like that in my life, but for this store they seem perfect.

“You are the new girl?”, I hear a voice from the background.

Its sound is smoky. I suppose the man is a chain smoker. I immediately dislike the tone of his voice. When the matching man comes out of the darkness of the restaurant and I get to see him, a cold shiver runs down my spine. The guy seems arrogant and makes a brutal, rough impression. Nevertheless I try not to let my dislike show. After all, I have a goal.

“Yes, I am Liv. I called in the morning.”

With these words I get up from the bar stool and stop in front of it. Oliver, who approaches me leisurely, looks at me uninhibitedly with clearly lustful eyes. His gaze scans me from head to toe. The restaurant is still closed and therefore Oliver, the barkeeper and I are the only people in the room. If he wants to kidnap me, I would be an easy victim, I think. I involuntarily have to think about what happened to the other girls and have to summon up all my courage to remain unimpressed.

“You know what kind of place we are. We don’t serve coffee and cake here,” he says.

“I realize that,” I answer. “Do I look like that?”

“We get a little rough around the edges sometimes. You can’t always choose your guests.”

“I’m not a prude and I know how to defend myself in case of trouble, if that’s what you mean.”

“Would you be willing to put up a fight?”

“What do you mean?” I ask in surprise. Then I realize what he means. “How far can the guests go?”

Meanwhile, he stands right in front of me and looks me straight in the eye. I resist his gaze and do not retreat. He takes me by the chin and turns his head first to the left and then to the right.

“Pretty face,” he says.

“The rest isn’t bad either,” I counter.

“Let me see!” he orders.

Without waiting for an answer or reaction from me, he pulls my shirt up and exposes my breasts. I deliberately did without a bra. He scrutinizes my two little hills and pulls the shirt even higher. I willingly stretch my arms up and he pulls the piece out and throws it on the counter.

“You are cooperative,” he says. “I like that.”

I lower my arms, but keep them behind my body. Even though I instinctively tend to want to cover my breasts, I don’t. If I come across as too prudish, my plan might fail. And this is exactly what I want to avoid at all costs.

“Have you ever worked as a hooker?”

“No, not yet.”

“You’d be willing to do that?”

“Depends on the customers.

“You’re picky?

“I can afford it,” I answer confidently.

And Oliver, he just drives right up my skirt. He puts his fingers on the fabric of the thong that covers my pussy.

“Really?”, he growls. “I would have expected you to be broke.”

“Do you think I’m walking down the street without panties on? What I have to offer I only show to whom I want to show it.”

“You want to show it to me?”

“If you want to see?”

“Of course I want to.”

I take my arms forward and undo the button on the miniskirt, which falls to the floor immediately. My tiny little thong comes out, which really only covers a very small triangle between my legs. I also want to take off the panties, Oliver stops me.

“Turn around the axis”, he tells me.

I get out of my skirt and follow his command. When I have completed one turn, he tells me with his finger to keep turning. When I show him the back again, he gives me a slap on the backside.

“Horny sweet ass!”


“Only the tits are a bit small.”

“But they’re firm and nice to the touch.

Oliver grabs my breasts and kneads them a bit roughly. Meanwhile I’m facing him again. He twirls my nipples with obvious pleasure and grins. He increases the intensity of the pressure and watches me closely. He waits and hopes that I will make a face. But I don’t do him that favour and obviously pass his test. After some time he lets go.

“Not bad. No giant udders, but I like them better that way anyway,” he says. “You have good body control.”

“You’re not looking for a crybaby.”

“That’s right!”

Thoughtfully he casts a glance at the bartender. I see out of the corner of my eye that he nods his head. The situation seems a little strange to me. Why is Oliver insecure and why does he coordinate with the bartender, even if only with glances?

“You’re a fucking hottie,” he says. “A little too bad for this place.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask in surprise. “What, I can’t get a job just because I’m too pretty?”

“Yes, yes!”, he repels. “You can get a job, just not here.”

“Where, then?”

“We run a second place. Only wealthy people go there, and they’re invited only. Not a public place where anyone can walk in. At the ‘Amore’ everything is very distinguished. But the customers are very demanding and have very special wishes.”

“How special?”

“No wish is denied them.”

“Then I must also get fucked?”

“If the customer wishes it.”

“I hadn’t planned it that way.

“Is that a problem?

Let me think about it. It was clear to me from the start that if I wanted to get ahead quickly, I had to get involved in everything. If my assumption is correct, then this second store is the key to our girls and especially to my sister. It could be the connection we haven’t found yet.

“If the money is right, why not”, I answer calmly and playfully.

“I guess you’re like all women. If the dough is right, they’ll do anything. In this respect I can reassure you, the dough is right, I can promise you that. How much you earn in the end, however, also depends on you.

“It should definitely not fail because of me,” I confirm my willingness.

“Then come,” the bartender suddenly says. “Get dressed!”

I turn to him and look at him a bit surprised. He draws his mouth into a broad grin.

“I’ll take you to the ‘Amore’,” he explains.

“And what happens to me there?” I ask.

“I’m sure the boss wants to see you,” Oliver says.

“The boss?”, I ask. “That’s not you?”

“I’m just the manager of this store,” he explains.

“I see,” I answer. “So there is also a boss. That’s good to know.”

According to our investigations, a certain Pablo is the organization’s top boss. That’s why I assumed from the beginning that Oliver could not be the top boss of the organization. But it seems to me to be better to play the unsuspecting and the surprised. The men should believe that they are dealing with a not very intelligent young woman with whom they have an easy job. Then it might be easier for them to become careless.

While these thoughts go through my mind I get dressed again. I use the time and take a closer look at the two men. Oliver is a fat and rather small man. I estimate him to be about 50 years old or just under. He could be a bit out of place, in this job and therefore look older than he actually is. He looks greasy and a little unkempt. He gives me a feeling of deviousness and insincerity. I really trust this man with everything. Oliver corresponds to the cliché of a brothel owner of the worst kind.

The bartender is quite different. I estimate him to be in his early 30’s. He makes a very well-groomed impression, seems to be well-trained and looks damn good. His clothes fit perfectly. Even if he only wears normal black pants and a white shirt, he looks stylish. If I would meet him in my free time, he could be quite dangerous for me. I would let such a man tow me away.

A little bit I regret that he only takes me to the ‘Amore’ and I probably won’t see him again afterwards. Even though he works there as a bartender from time to time, I will probably not have the opportunity to get to know him better. While I get dressed, he also looks at me. Although he had already had ample opportunity to study me in detail before, he seems to have not gotten enough. When I had to turn around in front of Oliver, he too gazed at me the whole time. Therefore I am surprised that he obviously can’t get enough of me. He should see pretty girls in this restaurant more often. So why me of all people?

“Another precaution,” says the bartender as I stand before him, dressed and ready to leave. “Put your cell phone in there.”

He holds a can up to me. As a policewoman, I immediately realize what this is all about. I’m sure the cell phone is shielded in that metal box so that it can’t be traced. Probably the victims of the gang also had to put their cell phones in this or a similar box. This also explains why the movement profiles all end here and tracking is no longer possible. Luckily they implanted the GPS transmitter in me. So I can do without the cell phone. Nevertheless I don’t want to make it that easy for the man.

“Why is that?”

“Go ahead. It’s for your safety and ours.

“For my safety?”

“Stop being a baby and get on with it,” says the bartender, a bit annoyed. “Or you can leave right now. There’s the door.”

Chapter Four

“Where are we going?” I ask.

I sit in a van with tinted windows. Nobody can see me from the outside in the back seat. Probably the girls were taken away from here in the same way. The gang planned the transport of the young women down to the smallest detail. We did not leave the restaurant through the entrance or the back entrance. Through a storage room and a secret door we entered an outbuilding. A path that we had no idea existed.

The bartender went ahead and I followed him. I assume that all the other victims were taken away like this. In the underground garage of the outbuilding the van was ready and he made me get in the back. What I wonder is if this sweetheart of a man knows what happened to the girls or if he is completely clueless? I would like him not to be part of the plan but just an unsuspecting particle.

“Don’t ask too many questions, it’s an advantage in this business,” he admonishes me.

“Okay, okay!”, I repel. “I’m just a woman and curious by nature.”

“Nevertheless, you should curb your curiosity.”

That ends the conversation. We go there in silence. At first we go through the city traffic. The evening rush hour makes itself felt and we make only very slow progress. But soon we reach the outskirts and the outskirts of the city, where the traffic thins out and we make increasingly faster progress. Finally we are on a rather lonely country road and after some time we turn off it onto a dirt road. One might think that only agricultural vehicles are driving on it. We are shaken up a bit, but the road is passable. It leads us through a small forest, behind which we reach a beautiful villa. The total driving time is about one hour.

My driver is unerringly heading for the garage. With a remote control he opens the door, which closes again immediately behind us. It was absolutely impossible for an outsider to notice that I was brought in a van with darkened letters about the house next door to this villa outside the city. Now I understand why the shading of the place never worked for us.

We didn’t have the faintest idea about the villa in the country. However, there was never a direct connection. And we really tried our best. We shadowed all suspicious people who left the establishment in the city. Not once did any of them go to this villa. All shadows were in the sand. We didn’t know that there was an access to the underground garage in the building next door. How could we? Just because of this realization alone, my action yielded significantly more information after less than two hours than all previous efforts combined.

“Here we are,” he says succinctly.

“I can see that,” I answer. “So this is the ‘Amore’?”

“That’s right.”

“Is that a whorehouse?”

“What do you think? This is no ordinary brothel. This is a place where men — and sometimes women — can have fun to their hearts’ content and fulfill all sexual desires. Here, all their sex wishes, no matter how secret, come true.”

The bartender obviously knows more than I had hoped. If he were a small light in the organization, he would not defend this establishment with such passion against the accusation of being a filthy brothel. So he is more of a bad boy than I had hoped.

My companion gets out, walks around the van and opens the rear entrance. He gallantly gives me his hand and helps me to get out. Then he walks towards a connecting door and turns around just before it to make sure that I follow him. When he sees that I am close behind him, he opens the door and we reach a magnificently designed entrance area via a simple basement staircase. For a moment I stop interested and look around. He notices this and stops as well.

“This is the great hall. This is where the guests are received. Over there is the restaurant, which leaves nothing to be desired. A star chef takes care of the culinary pleasures of the guests. As is well known, love goes through the stomach,” he explains. Then he points to another door. “This is the club area. This is where the guests meet the girls. They can book one in advance, which is then only available to them, or they can choose from those present.”

“A brothel after all,” I tease him.

“Don’t be so stubborn, I don’t like that. We are a club with an exclusive level,” he clarifies.

“You get annoyed so easily,” I reply. And I smile amused.

He looks at me seriously and I fear he is angry with me. But a little later a smile creeps up on his face and my pulse calms down again. I don’t know why, but it is important to me that he is not angry with me.

“Hello Pablo”, greets a man who is passing by.

“Hello Jo”, replies the bartender.

Luckily he turned away from me to greet me. So he doesn’t realize how surprised I look. My chin has dropped to the floor. If he had looked at me at that moment, he would have known exactly that I am not an unsuspecting whore. The man I thought was an inconspicuous bartender is the big boss of this organization. I try to get my derailed facial features under control again as soon as possible. Of course I know that I must not betray myself and therefore I try to take on a relaxed and calm expression as soon as possible.

“So your name is Pablo?”, I ask. I try to sound as casual as possible. “An unusual name in Germany.”

“My father came from Brazil,” he explains

“Hence the darker skin color,” I realize “Looks good.”

Pablo smiles. He reacts to compliments. The new knowledge that this man is Pablo is very disappointing. But I do not let it show. I like him as a man and after the investigation was over I would not have minded going on a date with him. If he was an ignorant follower, I would certainly not have said no. But of course that’s not possible. He is the enemy!

“Was he a dance teacher? I suppose.”

“What makes you think so?” he wants to know.

“I know several Brazilians, almost all of them are dance teachers. It’s probably because they have rhythm in their blood,” I reply.

“He was not a dance teacher,” Pablo says and grins. “He was an entrepreneur.”

“Then you did not follow in his footsteps. Was bartending your dream job?”, I continue.

“You are much too curious, I told you that before.”

“I know the customers don’t like it. They demand discretion, of course. Of course I understand that,” I answer and look at him innocently. “But we are something like colleagues.”

Pablo grins mischievously. Apparently it amuses him that I consider him a colleague. I deliberately play the naive and fortunately he completely buys my ignorance. In the meantime I am sure that the kidnapping of my sister is a coincidence. Otherwise he wouldn’t be so willing to show me everything. He does not consider me to be a danger. Or is there possibly calculation behind it? Does he want to show me what we haven’t found out, but I can’t tell you any more?

“Over there is a room for events,” he explains. And he points to another door. “Back there is the pool and the wellness area. There is also a corridor that leads to the outdoor area.

“A room for events. What can I imagine underneath, in this exquisite establishment?”

“You’ll see soon enough,” he says evasively. “Some of our customers are particularly fond of what we are organizing there.”

I can well imagine what kind of events these are and I believe him when he says that the guests enjoy them.

“On the second floor there are several rooms that guests can use. However, some of the rooms are specially furnished,” he continues.

“These are the rooms where the guests can retreat to have fun — I guess?”

“Slowly your expressions are adapting to the customs of the house,” he says and grins contentedly.

“Well, what’s going to happen to me now?”, I inquire. “I’m supposed to talk to the boss after all.”

“Be patient,” says Pablo evasively. “Am I not good enough for you?”

“I might even like you and we can spend the whole evening together,” I answer honestly. “The problem is that I’m not here for pleasure. I need a job.”

“You are very goal-oriented. I like that,” he says. “In half an hour, the guests of the evening will arrive. So we should discuss the schedule and your tasks. Come along!”

Pablo seems determined, but remains polite and courteous. He walks towards a door marked ‘Private’ and stops it for me. Only when I am inside does he follow. We stand in a spacious office. A front is completely made of glass and offers a view of large parts of the outside area. The office itself is extremely clean and tidy. Not a sheet of paper lies on the desk. The furniture is white and seems clean — almost sterile. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t match the pompous world outside the door. Everything, but also really everything is kept in white. The desk, the armchairs, the meeting table that seats at least ten people, the cupboards and the corner couch are made of leather.

“Wow, that’s what I call an office,” I am amazed.

“I don’t like frills. Both in terms of furnishing, as well as in business and in a relationship. Straight and clear lines are what I like best,” he explains. “Also when it comes to us.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Pablo offers me a seat on the couch, he himself goes to the desk. I follow his invitation and sit down as he has ordered me. He takes something out of the desk and then comes over to me. I cannot see what he is holding in his hand.

“I like you.”

“Oh thank you!”

“Both physically and in character.”

“Aha”, I answer somewhat unsuspectingly.

“You look hammer sharp and you’re just my type. That’s what I mean by physical.

“I understood that part. I’m not blonde after all,” I counter. A smile flits across Pablo’s lips.

“I noticed that, too. You’re not stupid, even if you pretend to be

“What does that mean?” I ask

“You should curb your curiosity,” he says and smiles smugly.

“I’m a woman,” I think. “Just in case you haven’t noticed.”

“I have. Don’t worry.”

Pablo has reached the couch and is sitting very close to me. His posture is such that he’s a little oblique towards me. He raises his hand and holds something out to me. It is made of black fabric.

“Put this on,” he orders.

“I’m supposed to be… as a whore?” I ask.

“There are no hookers here,” he says.

“Sure, but I couldn’t think of another word in a hurry. Would you prefer account manager?”

“I’ll think about it,” he says. And he’s still holding out on me. “Get dressed already.”

“I haven’t talked to the boss yet,” I repel him.

“I am the boss,” he says.

“You?” I play surprised.

“I am,” he replies. “Or did you imagine the boss to be different?”

“I had no idea who the boss was. I took you for the bartender because you worked behind the counter at the other store.”

“I often do that when I go for an interview.”

“So you can look at the woman in peace.


“How did I do?”

“Good so far,” he says. “But you’re bitching around now.”

“Oh sorry!” I hurry to say.

I immediately start to undress. Once again Pablo follows exactly what I do and scrutinizes my body thoroughly. There is something like anticipation in his eyes. Apparently he still has plans for the evening. Plans with me.

“You will get the clothes that every one of our girls has to wear. Those who are reserved for a customer wear black underwear, those who are still free wear white,” he explains.

“So I am booked by you?”

“So to speak. I want to have dinner with you and get to know you.”

“What about after dinner?”

“We’ll take that up with us.”

“But we haven’t talked about whether I’ll actually work here, as what, or how much you’ll pay.”

Pablo grins, but is very calm. He does not answer immediately. Instead, he watches unabashedly as I stand up to pull my thong down. I think for a moment how I should stand up, but then decide to stay turned towards him.

“Turn around,” he orders.

Obediently I turn my back to him. As I bend down to pull my panties down, I realize why. I stretch my bottom towards him and as I get out of my panties, I have to spread my legs a little. He can examine exactly my ass and my pussy.

“Stand still like this,” he says.

I was just about to stand up and he slows me down. His instruction is clear, he wants to look at my backside a little longer. Therefore I stand still as I am.

“Spit your legs,” he continues to instruct me.

It is not pleasant for me to know that I have to show my most intimate part to a man I don’t know in a very provocative way. Nevertheless I overcome my shame and put my legs about half a meter apart.

“Good girl. That’s the way I like it.”

Pablo moves with his hand from my right knee, the inside of my thigh up and thus causes goose bumps instantly. As soon as he reaches the top, he puts his hand on my shame and wraps it warm and soft.

“You’re hot,” he says smugly.

“A strange man looks at my ass and has his hand on my treasure chest. How can I stay cool?”

“Are you turned on?” he wants to know.

Pablo doesn’t even wait for my answer He takes his hand away from my intimate area and runs his finger over my labia. I myself am surprised that they can be shared so easily and that he can penetrate me without any problems. I am aroused and wet.

“The situation turns you on,” he says.

“Quite obviously”, I reply.

With obvious amazement, Pablo pulls his finger out of me. I would love to protest. I feel empty and abandoned.

“Get dressed,” he says.

I rise with some reluctance and turn back to him. A smile plays around his lips. He holds the finger with which he was in me just before under his nose and smells demonstratively at it. This is probably to tell me that this is not over yet. Pablo plays with me and my lust. I am sure that the evening will be very interesting. A look at his step confirms that the game does not leave him cold either. I can see a suspicious bump there.

I look at the pieces of fabric that Pablo has meanwhile put on the coffee table. They are very tight panties and a bra. However, it is not normal underwear. Strictly speaking it is a breath of nothing. The fabric is rather a net that shows more than it hides. My burst warts stand out between the stitches and are clearly visible. The panties are particularly refined. The net triangle does not cover my labia, but lies on my mons pubis. My plum is divided by a thin band that usually starts at the perineum.

Since Pablo has actually succeeded in arousing me, the ribbon feels moist as soon as I put it on. Pablo, who unashamedly looks between my legs, grins meanly.

“You should look at your cunt,” he says less gallantly. “There’s a mirror in the back.”

He points to a corner in which there is a floor-level mirror. I wonder what he needs such a thing in his office for. With some reluctance I go there. It seems humiliating to me that a man tells me to go to the mirror and look at my cunt. Nevertheless I follow his instructions to continue my game.

I can’t see anything from the front. Therefore I turn around, spread my legs and bend down. This way I look through my legs into the mirror and can clearly see the white slime that has formed on the band. Ashamed, I straighten up.

“May I wash myself?”

“No, we’re going to the restaurant,” he says in a commanding tone that tolerates no contradiction.

“That’s shameful,” I answer pleadingly. Pablo, however, only grins meanly.

“I’ll pay you 500 euros for tonight. No matter whether we get into business or not,” he answers instead. “That should be enough.”

“Enough for what?”

“For going to the restaurant with a wet cunt and then fucking you afterwards if I feel like it.”

“Do I have a choice?

“Not really,” he answers honestly. “I want you.”

Chapter Five

We are sitting in the restaurant. I still wear the slimy panties. I don’t know if Pablo just likes to make me realize that I am a whore who has to do what he wants her to do, or if he likes that he can excite me so easily. Either way, the situation is humiliating.

I secretly look around the restaurant while we study the menu. About eight tables are occupied. Seven of them are occupied by very nobly dressed men, all of them very pretty, and for them clearly too young women. They wear the same underwear as I do, some white, some black. One table is occupied by a very nobly dressed lady, who I estimate to be about 40 years old. Opposite her sits a girl of about 20 years old, wearing black underwear.

“An evening with us usually begins with good food,” explains Pablo.

“Are you saying there are only eight guests in the house today?” I ask.

“As a rule, we never let more than ten customers in per evening. Only in very special cases are there more,” he replies.

“What are these exceptions?”

“You are once again much too curious,” he admonishes me. “In two days, you will experience it for yourself.”

“In two days?”

“In two days,” he confirms.

I think hard. Could this special evening be related to my sister? It’s an obvious assumption. That would mean that she is still relatively safe for two days, but during that time I absolutely have to find out what is going on and how I can free her.

The waitress who comes to the table tears me out of my thoughts. She wears similar underwear as I do. Hers is black and is probably supposed to mean that she is not available. As she moves away from the table with the order, I can see marks on her back and bottom. I look at her in surprise. Pablo seems to follow my gaze.

“She had a — let’s say — demanding customer with special wishes two days ago,” he says. “To compensate, she is allowed to work and relax in the restaurant for three evenings.”

“That is relaxation?”, I ask in surprise.

“With some customers, it certainly is.”

“You really give me courage.”

“Don’t worry, I have other plans for you,” Pablo tells me And he grins mischievously.

“Why do I ask myself if this announcement means something good or bad?”

“Definitely something good,” he clarifies. “Though not necessarily less strenuous.”

“You love to play with women,” I realize.

“It’s fun,” he agrees.

“Sure you do,” I counter. “But what’s it like with women?”

“I suppose it depends on their tastes and preferences,” he agrees.

“But in any case, it’s your way.”

“At least most of the time!”

Once again he smiles cheerfully. He seems to enjoy our conversation.

“What plans do you have for me?”

“Tonight?” he asks. “I’ve more or less already told you.”

“I mean in general,” I specify. “After all, this meeting was to be a kind of job interview. Even though we are far from the common idea of a normal application.”

“Far away?”, he plays surprised. Now I too have to laugh.

“For you this will probably be normal. For most people, I guess not.”

“How is it different from a normal interview?”

“I sit half-naked in front of you and you play cat and mouse with me.”

“You sit in front of me in your future work clothes,” he specifies in a playful tone. “And who is playing cat and mouse with whom, I do not know at the moment.”

For a moment my heart falls into my pants. But I try not to let on anything and feverishly consider whether I have been discovered. Has he seen through me?

“What do you mean?” I take the offensive.

“What do I mean what?”, he asks in surprise.

“The cat and mouse game.”

“You don’t let him see your cards.”

“What do you mean, show your hand?”

“You get wet just by putting my hand on your pussy. You compliment me and don’t shrink from it when I tell you that I want to go to bed with you. On the other hand, you are dying to know where and how you should work. Sometimes you seem to be in over your head with all of this.”

“I applied for a job as a waitress at the other restaurant. I was aware that I wasn’t allowed to be squeamish and that a guest might grab my ass or drive between my legs. But gradually the whole thing developed into a job as a hooker. Pardon the expression, but I have to call a spade a spade so that we understand each other. I didn’t really want to have a job like this. Especially when I think of our waitress’s butt.”

“Then why are you still here?”

“I need the money. Why do you think I didn’t apply for a job at a coffee shop downtown? It would be a quiet job and I’d have every night off. But the payment is not enough to pay my debts,” I tell and make up a story. “Besides, I like you — at least in a way.”

“I noticed that,” he grins arrogantly. And he smells again of the finger he shoved into my plum.

“You’re an idiot!” I’m annoyed.

But Pablo only grins. I am surprised that I am allowed to talk to him like that. After all, he is the boss of a criminal organization of the worst kind. But that will be due to his youth. Gangster bosses of the old school would never have tolerated such a thing. It would have undermined their authority. But Pablo seems to be more relaxed. I have the impression that he even enjoys the fact that I stand up to him and don’t take anything from him.

“I have no intention of employing you as a hooker, as you call it,” he explains. “I like you and I want you all to myself.”

I look at him in complete surprise. I would not have expected that now. That he likes me, I have noticed. That he wants to and will have fun with me, that I have assumed. But that he goes so far and wants to have me exclusively for himself, that surprises me a lot. He could have a different girl every day. On the one hand because of his position in landing, on the other hand because of his looks. That he of all people likes me and is so into me, that makes me a bit perplexed.

“Is this a proposal?”, I ask, because a longer break has come about.

“I don’t know what that should be,” he answers.

“We’ve only known each other for two hours. You can’t possibly want to tell me that we should become a couple,” I object.

“That sounds strange, I realize that.”

I lean over to him and breathe a kiss on his lips. It is a very shy and innocent kiss. In fact, it’s just the hint of a kiss.

“I like you too. But to say right away that you are the love of my life, there hasn’t been enough time for that yet. Sorry!”

“My God, you throw me completely off track,” he laments.

“Oh yes, me you. Ask me.”

Pablo looks kind of insecure It’s hard to believe that he is the boss of an organization that deals in human trafficking on a large scale. Somehow I feel sorry for him He’s just a man at the bottom of his heart. I almost feel sorry for him. I’m only there to expose him. I shamelessly take advantage of his affection, or whatever you want to call it. But then I remember my sister again, who is in the hands of this criminal, and suddenly I don’t find him pitiful at all. He is exactly the man who wants to sell my sister as a slave.

“How shall we do it?” he asks uncertainly.

“You want me to tell you that? You are the boss,” I answer conciliatory. “I would suggest that I work in this store and we use the time to get to know each other better. That’s what other couples do, they take their time and see if the other one suits them. Who knows, in the end we’ll find out that we’re completely different and we’re just fighting.”

“That would be a good suggestion, if we worked in an office. But I do not agree with this solution. I don’t want other men to touch you,” he clarifies.

“I can also work as a waitress in a restaurant,” I suggest. “Or there is another job where the men leave me alone.”

“Hot as you are?”, he interjects skeptically.

“My God, I’m not fragile. If someone pats me on the butt, it’s not so bad.”

“I’d kill him. No one else will touch what’s mine!”

He says that with a determination that almost frightens me. Pablo seems a very possessive man Again I get up, bend over the table and breathe a kiss on his mouth. This time I kiss him much longer and our tongues meet for the first time.

“Did anyone look at my ass?” I ask as I sit down again.

“Don’t joke!”, he admonishes me severely. “Not with that!”

“You can’t lock me up. I don’t want that and that would make a relationship impossible. You have to get used to other men looking at me.”

He looks serious and grim. Apparently, the mere thought that other men look at me lustfully makes him feel jealous. A man who sells girls as sex slaves will not tolerate other men even looking at his girlfriend. I find that perverse at first. But it’s probably because he knows exactly what goes through the minds of other men when they look at a beautiful woman.

“You decide that I put this dress on and then no one should look at me. How does that fit together?”, I ask.

Pablo hums something incomprehensible for a moment, but otherwise doesn’t answer my question. He thinks hard. At that moment the waitress comes and brings the starter. That gives him time to think. We wish him a good appetite and eat in silence.

What goes through Pablo’s mind, I do not know. I use the time to analyze the situation for myself. I wanted to infiltrate and slowly work my way up. Instead, I was already sitting at dinner with the boss of the organization on the first evening. I have no idea why he reacts to me like that. He sees pretty girls every day and could have any one of them. Why is he so fixated on me of all people?

“You are my guest for a few days. We spend a lot of time together and get to know each other. Then we can decide whether we want to be a couple”, he suddenly suggests.

“You’ve already decided?”, I ask seriously.

“Actually, I have.”

“Then you’re making this proposal because of me?”

“You need time.”

“Pablo, I like you. You’re good-looking, you know what you want and how to handle women so they melt away.”

“Have you melted?”

“In a way, yes.”

“Then it’s all right.

“Pablo!” I admonish him

“What?”, he asks innocently

“But it’s a nice, exciting phase to get to know each other

“I’m the type who wants everything right away

“You’re impatient,” I tease him. At the same time I bend over to him again and kiss him.

“Very much,” he confirms. “Especially with you!”

“You could have any girl, why me?”

“I don’t know,” he honestly admits. “I can’t wait to possess you. I’ve never felt this way before.”

“But you will never be able to possess me. I can tell you that right now. Then you would take away my breath.”

“Was that the problem before, why my relationships failed?”

“I don’t know,” I say. “I guess so.”

“You’re the first one to show me limits. I’m impressed.”

“I just want to be honest.”

“It impresses and fascinates me.”

“The others were probably afraid of you.”

“So why aren’t you afraid?”

“Should I be?

“No, of course not.

“I suppose I see you as a man and not as what you are.

“What am I?

“A brothel owner,” I giggle. “Even if you don’t like that word.”

“What do you think of my proposal?”

“It might work. Let’s give it a try.”

“But tonight you’re mine,” he clarifies.

“Even without money.”

Pablo looks at me with big eyes Obviously he’s surprised that I’m not interested in money He was probably afraid that’s all I care about His head is rattling.

“Even though you have debts.”

“They won’t run away,” I answer with a smile.

“Certainly not!”

Chapter Six

No sooner have we finished the main course than Pablo rises and gallantly takes my hand. Two of the couples at the next table have already disappeared, the others are either still eating or the men are groping the girls.

“No dessert?” I ask.

“You are the dessert,” he counters. And he smiles seductively.

I rise with a smile. Even though I can be satisfied to have gotten so close to the boss of the organization so quickly, I’m still a little nervous about what’s in store for me. I knew that I can’t be a prude in this world and that I can also have sex. But to accept it only theoretically or to know that it is going to happen now, that is a completely different matter. I have to admit that I like Pablo as a man and if I had met him under different circumstances I would probably have gotten involved with him. That might make it easier to go to bed with him right away. I have no idea what the effect of knowing that he kidnapped my sister and is a white slaver.

“What are you going to do with me?” I ask cautiously.

“I just want to spend a nice evening with you,” he replies evasively.

“What do you understand by a nice evening?”, I ask.

“Let me surprise you.”

He leads me up the stairs to one of the rooms. It does not at all correspond to the cliché of a room in a brothel. The comparison with a suite in a very distinguished hotel is more like what I see. The room is surprisingly large and is dominated by a massive bed.

But I can’t look around for long. No sooner has Pablo closed the door behind us than he pushes me against the wall and kisses me with passion. He has obviously held himself back skilfully. But now that he no longer needs to rein in his desire, he seems uninhibited. The pure desire sprays from his eyes. His tongue energetically explores my mouth and his hands immediately start walking on my body. He massages my breasts with pleasure and plays with my nipples. He knows exactly how to touch a woman to arouse her. Therefore, it is no wonder that the lust in me also increases rapidly and the nipples rise steeply and stand out cheekily.

Without prompting I open the bra and let it slide off my shoulders. Pablo briefly interrupts the kiss, looks at me with a satisfied smile and then continues the kiss. He is obviously satisfied that I am becoming active myself. Although I must honestly admit that Pablo attracts me as a man and his play on my breasts is not without effects on me. My lust is honest and I long for his body.

Now that he works on my naked breasts and gives me extremely arousing feelings, I can’t and don’t want to hold back any more. I hastily open his belt, the button on his pants, which causes me a little trouble, and finally the zipper. Pablo knows exactly what is coming and greedily pushes his pelvis towards me. Without further ado I push my right hand behind the waistband of the pants and panties and a little later I have his genitals in my hand.

“You are really not afraid of me,” he says.

“I don’t have to be,” I answer. “We’ve already discussed that.”

While he takes off the jacket of his suit, I open the buttons on his shirt. We both can hardly wait and are eager to finally face each other naked. While Pablo slides the shirt over his shoulders and lets it glide casually to the floor, I grab the waistband of his pants and pull them down with a jerk. At the same time I squat down. While the last rest of his clothes reach the floor, his already hammer hard penis is bobbing up and down right in front of his face.

“You’re even more impatient than me,” he says.

Instead of an answer, I lick teasingly over the tip of his cock and take the glans in my mouth. Immediately I start sucking it and greet them curiously with my tongue. Pablo is circumcised so that no foreskin is disturbing. A first moan that comes over his lips as soon as I start sucking shows me clearly that he likes what I am doing.

Actually I don’t like sucking men’s cocks and I’ve only done it with one friend. However, in my current situation I know that Pablo expects me to do it. Only for this reason I overcome myself and hope that he doesn’t notice my inexperience. Above all I hope that it is worth it and that I can free my sister in the end.

Even if I am untrained, I have the impression that I will succeed in spoiling him in the way he imagines. This may also be due to the fact that he has an incredible desire for me and my body. Pablo greedily pushes the pelvis towards me and moans again and again. His excitement increases visibly. A quick glance upwards confirms that he is enjoying my treatment very much. He has closed his eyes and willingly gives himself over to my caresses.

Suddenly I realize that he is tense. For a moment, panic comes up in me. What should I do? But before I have even the slightest chance to react, the first push comes and he injects a good lump of sperm deep into my throat. I have no choice but to swallow the stuff. He has sprayed it so far down my throat that I have to avoid choking. I have never swallowed sperm before. I would never, ever have done it voluntarily. But at this moment I can’t get out of the act any other way. I squeeze my eyes together and swallow. The gooey stuff slides down my throat and I can feel it clearly. But it is not as bad as I imagined it would be.

But I cannot think for a long time. More spurts pour into my throat and I have to swallow its whole load. When his climax is in the dying down, he grabs my arms and pulls me up. Pablo takes me in his arms, lifts me up and carries me to the bed where he gently lays me down. Without saying a word, he takes off my panties. With these I lie completely naked in front of him.

If I had expected Pablo to attack me immediately, I was wrong. He takes his time and stops next to the bed. Enjoyably he looks at my body for a while. He seems to absorb every detail. Only after some time Pablo starts to stroke my skin with his hands very gently and caress me. I would never have trusted a man like him to be so sensitive. But apparently he can be tough and unscrupulous in business, while privately he seems to be a completely different person.

When he very gently places his left hand over my pubic area and massages it lightly, I immediately get wet. He must feel that, because he smiles contentedly.

“I see you are ready,” he says.

“I want you!”, I make it clear.

“I’m here,” he teases me.

“You know what I mean.”

“No, tell me!”

“Please fuck me,” I get impatient. “Fuck me now!”

“Not so fast, little girl! We still have the whole night ahead of us and you wanted us to get to know each other slowly.”

“Get to know each other slowly”, I protest.

“Even physically!”

“No, physically it can go quickly.”

“What’s the hurry?”

“Because I’m horny for you and want to be fucked by you at last,” I clarify with a slight desperation in my voice. “Do I have to beg even more clearly that you finally do it for me?”

“You want me to give it to you?”

“Yes, damn it! I want you to give it to me like no other man has ever given it to me!”

“If you’re so desperate for dick, I don’t want to be like that.”

“I don’t need a dick, I need your dick,”

A satisfied smile plays around the corners of his mouth. Obviously he likes the way I beg to be taken from him and thus belong to him, at least for this night.

He climbs between my wide spread legs, puts them on his shoulders and puts his tip on my pussy. But instead of penetrating me, he looks at me and a satisfied and confident smile plays around his lips. I have the impression that he wants to make it clear to me that he now has me where he wanted me all evening. It is the smile of a winner.

“Please!”, I beg.

At this moment he makes a surprising thrust. All air is pressed out of my lungs. It is wonderful to feel how he bores into my abdomen and takes possession of me. Since I am incredibly excited, he can push himself into me without any problems. Only when his pubic area touches my labia, his advance is stopped. Pablo is completely inside me, he fills me overly clearly and with his beating he expands my pleasure channel.

Already during the blowing I could see that he is extremely well endowed. To feel this part in me now is even more exciting than just seeing it or taking it in my mouth. Only then do I realize the difference to everything I have ever had between my legs. In the first moment the size feels unfamiliar. But the longer I can get used to it, the more I realize that its dimensions can give me much more beautiful feelings than all its predecessors.

Pablo leaves me little time to get used to the intruder. He starts immediately and rams his pole into my hole again and again with determination and depth. Due to the strong stimulation he gives me with his size, he drives me instantly to a climax. He seems to consciously aim to fuck me to orgasm, which he succeeds wonderfully. I take off in a remarkably short time and come like rarely before.

Untouched by my contractions and my moans, he just keeps fucking me. He hammers his cock into my abdomen without a break. He does not give me a moment of relaxation. Since he has already come in my mouth, he apparently manages to hold himself back without any problems. After my climax, however, he changes his game. He pushes me towards orgasm again, just before I reach it, he doesn’t let me come. He interrupts his doing, which leads to me cooling down a bit. The desire for an exit rises thereby almost immeasurably. I had almost reached redemption and now I have to give up. It is probably a way of showing that he is in charge. He repeats this game for an incredibly long time. In doing so, he shows a keen sense of how excited I am and how close I am to the climax already.

Pablo does not react to my whimpering and moaning, he continues to fuck me unswervingly, just as he likes it. Since he is a handsome man and I lie powerless under him with desire, I cannot resist or escape his action. I am helplessly at his mercy. That becomes clear to me very quickly. That is why I surrender to my fate. Nothing else remains for me.

For what feels like an eternity he leads me again and again to the edge of the cliff until he finally pushes me over it. With elemental force the climax breaks over me and for a short time I feel as if I have stepped away. I feel as if I was simply floating, wrapped in absorbent cotton, somewhere in nowhere. All I can hear is Pablo’s rutting scream, pushing his punch one last time deep into my abdomen and then flooding my insides. He pumps tons of his semen into me.

Chapter 7

I awake. In the first moment I have to orientate myself. Very unfamiliar to me, I lie in the arms of a man who sleeps calmly and relaxed next to me. His chest rises and falls to the rhythm of his breath.

I can gradually remember yesterday evening. There was the incredible sex with Pablo. He let himself fall on me until the climax died down to some extent. Man, it was heavy. It seemed a little inconsiderate of him. What else can you expect from a white slaver – certainly no consideration. For him, women are a commodity he can use at will. But that wouldn’t fit in with his courteous manner, which he showed me all evening.

But it could also be that he was simply exhausted. After all, he fucked me for an incredibly long time. I have never experienced anything like that before. He of all people gave me by far the most intense and beautiful orgasm of my life. This man, who lives from the exploitation of women, took me into consideration and put his needs aside.

The longer I think about it, the more I realize that I enjoyed sex with him incredibly. With this man of all men, I get butterflies in my stomach. But Pablo is also a fascinating man and shows me facets of himself that probably only few people get to see. If the circumstances were different, I could actually fall head over heels in love with him. Actually, I am already a little bit in love with him, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten involved with him like that. Yesterday evening was much more than just fulfilling my duties, so that my cover was not blown. I was aroused, I was horny like never before and I enjoyed sex with him like never before. But on the other hand, he is also the man who kidnapped my sister and treats her like merchandise that you sell. He is not just a bad boy, he is a man who knows no scruples.

In this moment I realize that we are never alone. Through the transmitter in my genital piercing, someone out there has overheard everything that has happened near me. Luckily it is only the sounds and no pictures. Probably everything that is transmitted is recorded. On the one hand I hope that they hear everything and draw the right conclusions from it, but on the other hand I also realize burning hot that the person on the other end has also witnessed the sex in all details. This is exactly why I would have wished that women, not men, would be in charge of monitoring. What must he think of me? I begged and begged to be fucked. What will he tell his colleagues? At the moment I’m not allowed to torture myself with questions like that. It only inhibits me and I have to concentrate completely on Pablo and the liberation of my sister. I must not care what others think of me. At the moment it’s all about freeing Anna from the clutches of these monsters.

Slowly Pablo is moving too. He opens his eyes and blinks at me friendly. A smile creeps into his face.

“There you are”, he says sleepily.

“Where should I be?”

“I was afraid I was only dreaming and I’d wake up in an empty bed.”

Now I too must smile. He is sweet when he tells me in this way that he is happy to see me.

“I am here,” I confirm.

With these words I crawl to the middle of his body and hit the bed back. A still very sleepy little Pablo appears. Without hesitation I take him into my mouth and suck gently on it. Even though he tastes of sperm, because we didn’t wash ourselves last night, it doesn’t bother me.

Already after a few seconds his best part starts to fill with blood and grow to his full size. I push it deeper and deeper into my throat. Pablo quickly wakes up completely and starts moaning louder and louder. He pushes his pelvis towards me and visibly enjoys my blowjob.

But suddenly he throws me to the side, positions me so that I lie on my stomach, lifts my pelvis and pushes two pillows under it. Now I stretch my ass out to him in a provocative and almost obscene way. Since he pulls my legs slightly apart, he must have my two entrances perfectly in front of him.

But Pablo doesn’t spend much time looking. He walks over me and pushes his trunk deep into my pussy with a powerful jerk. Fortunately I am already wet. But I notice from such little things that he is used to women having to be ready if he wants to have sex. He seems to not care if the woman is ready. He can’t quite get out of his skin. All the more I’m surprised that he does take me into consideration in some things. At least he tries to do so where he is not overwhelmed by his instincts.

“To fuck you is incredibly horny,” he moans excitedly into my ear.

“Being fucked by you isn’t bad either,” I gasp.

“Not bad?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Not bad, you said?” he retorts.

In response, he rams his dick deep and hard between my labia. He presses me with his pelvis hard against the mattress every time I hit it. His fuck has something animalistic about it and yet I find him unspeakably hot. He puts all his strength into his movements and probably wants to show me that I belong to him. It is very possessive how he takes me. It’s as if he wants to show me that I belong to him.

In spite of everything, it is very exciting for me and I am drifting towards orgasm again. The lust increases unstoppably and my desire becomes stronger and stronger. Pablo doesn’t seem to be out for a game this time. He fucks me with all his might and when the climax comes over me, he too comes to redemption.

To my surprise, he doesn’t inject his semen into my inner being. He withdraws from me at the last moment, puts his cock into my ass notch and sprays it off. I feel a sticky substance clapping my back in several thrusts. The first discharge is, as expected, the strongest. Some drops even hit me in the neck. He must have had a tremendous pressure in the pipe again. The rest is spread all over my back, while towards the end I only feel my bottom being hit.

This time, Pablo falls down next to me as soon as he has squirted out and stays there. I don’t want to move because I have his entire load on my back and don’t want to mess up the bed. So for the time being I stay lying there as I am. Only after some time I get up to crawl out of bed and hurry to get into the bathroom. I bend down so that nothing drips from me to the floor. It would be more than embarrassing for me if the cleaning lady found traces of sperm. I am therefore relieved when I arrive at the bathroom and go straight into the shower. Pablo, who is watching me, just laughs.

“What are you doing for strange contortions?” he wants to know.

“I don’t want to stain everything.”

“We have cleaners who clean up every day.”

“But what will they think of us if they find sperm all over the place?

“They’re used to that,” he grins. “We’re in a brothel, as you call it.”

“Still!” I answer stubbornly. But now I too have to laugh.

Chapter 8

We are sitting at breakfast, dressed only in a robe. In a small kitchen, which belongs to the personnel area, one of the girls has prepared everything. She is wearing the usual white underwear. I wonder if she is still wearing them or if she is wearing them again. When Pablo and I entered the room, it seemed to me that she looked very surprised. But the girl reacted very quickly, put on another expressionless face and laid a second place setting.

“People aren’t used to me coming to breakfast in company,” explains Pablo. Apparently he interpreted my gaze correctly.

“You always have breakfast here?”

“Only when I spend the night here.”

“You don’t live here?”

“I have an apartment in town,” he explains “But when it gets late, I sleep in one of the rooms.”

“In the morning you have breakfast alone?”

“Why alone?”

“There was only one place setting on the table.”

Pablo grins and looks at the girl who is waiting in a corner, visibly insecure. If I’m not mistaken, she even blushes a little.

“Oh!”, I realize.

Pablo grins a little wider, the girl on the other hand gets a little darker in her face. She seems embarrassed.

“I am not a saint,” he replies apologetically.

“I assumed that,” I reassure him. “Tell me.”

“Tell me what?”

“How it went so far, when you didn’t go into town.

“Why do you want to know?” he says insecurely.

“I’m curious,” I clarify. “Just a girl.”

“Until now, when I spent the night here, one of the girls had to make breakfast and keep me company.”

“What do you mean by company?”

“Everything,” he confesses, shrugging his shoulders apologetically. “It ranged from a trivial chat to…”

“…a fuck, I suppose,” he adds, because he doesn’t say anything else.

“Also this.”

“How do the girls know who has to serve you breakfast?

“It always hits one of the girls who hasn’t found anyone interested in the evening.

“How considerate of you,” I tease him.

“Could we change the subject of conversation?” he says.

“With pleasure,” I reply. “What’s the program for tonight?”

“Shall we go shopping?”

“Women always like to go shopping,” I answer. “Is there anything in particular you need?”

“I thought I’d bring you some hot underwear.”

“Oh, don’t you like mine?”

“There are very hot items,” he says. “I don’t think you have any of those.”

“You’d like to see me in one of those?”

“I’d like to fuck you in the dressing room trying them on.”

Pablo says that as if it’s not unusual. I, on the other hand, feel the warmth pouring into my face. The girl, still waiting in a corner, smiles a little.

“Do you do this often?”

“That would be the first time. That’s why it excites me.”

“Well, all right,” I agree.

I have to summon up all my courage, but I realize that I have to cross borders for Pablo. But it will cost me a lot of effort. I am an orderly person. That is probably one of the reasons why I went to the police.

Pablo in his Lamborghini roars towards the city. No idea why men always have to have potent cars. On our streets such a car cannot possibly show its full power. So it is less about the driving experience than about the demonstration of power. The owner simply wants to show that he can afford a lot with the car.

“Horny ride? Or?”, says Pablo.

“When you need it to show off,” I tease him.

He looks at me irritated from the side. He doesn’t know whether to get annoyed. But then he smiles.

“I dare you, I dare you,” he replies

“You must bear the truth with me. You should have understood that by now.”

“Do you always say what you think?”

“When it’s important.”

“Aha,” he says and grins broadly. “So it’s important to tell me that I’m just showing off with the car.”

“Exactly”, I confirm. “Because you’re suppressing the truth and you’ll never admit it.”

“You’re probably right,” he confesses. “I would defend myself that I love to hear the roar of the engine.”

“If it was just that, you could record the sound and play it back while driving,” I object. “Then a small car would do.”

“It’s not just the noise,” he reproaches me. “You can’t pick up the vibration of the diaphragm, the seats and the steering wheel.”

As if to prove it, he presses the pedal and accelerates. The engine howls, the car jumps forward, everything vibrates and it pushes me into the seat.

“All right, just picking up is not enough,” I confess.

“Do you feel the vibration in your crack?”

“It is exciting, I admit,” I agree. “But do you need such tricks to get a woman laid?”

“No, not that,” he concedes. “But it’s also cool to know that your pussy tickles when I step on the gas

“But you have to admit that it’s also about ego.”

“Of course it is.”

Pablo smiles. Once again I suspect that nobody around him dares to tell him the truth. I believe him when he says that this is exactly what he likes about me. It’s quite possible that I’m going a bit overboard with it and that he might not be so calm about it. I will have to be on my guard. But I will have to take that risk. I am also a little bit tempted to challenge him.

We go there in silence. We both seem to hang on to our thoughts. I’m worried whether the colleagues who are listening in are drawing the right conclusions and reacting in time. The access must absolutely take place tomorrow evening. Before then, there is a danger that we won’t find the girls because they don’t necessarily have to be in the house. If Pablo doesn’t unpack then, it will be difficult to free my sister.

For a moment I think again that my colleagues are aware of every detail. They are always there live. I wonder what they think of me. Even if they know that I sleep with Pablo because I want to get to him, they might still think I’m a slut. The machos in the police force are just so that they are the heroes when they fuck around on an undercover assignment. But as a woman, don’t spread your legs just once and you’ll have your stamp. The main reason why women are infiltrated is because they arouse the instincts of men. I can remember male police officers talking disparagingly about a female colleague who was also working undercover and ended up in bed with the target. She had no other option if she wanted to avoid being exposed.

But at the moment I don’t care what the others think of me. I only want to free my sister and I am willing to risk my reputation for that. I have to ask myself the question whether this is really a sacrifice for me. Sex with Pablo is damn hot. He alone is worth being labeled a slut.

When Pablo turns into a parking garage, I am torn from my thoughts. He has to take the ramp very carefully to avoid sitting on it with the front spoiler or the underbody. He makes it without the noise that would drive any car lover through his marrow and puts the car on the first free space. He gets out and comes to the passenger seat to shake my hand and help me to get out. With my high heels it is actually not so easy to get out of the very low lying car. I am really happy that he helps me. My heels are about the same height as the ground clearance of the car.

Gallantly he offers me his arm and I hack under him. He leads me to the nearby shopping center and there he unerringly heads for a store for sinfully expensive lingerie. In normal life I would certainly not enter such a store. Even though I like to look at the pieces in fashion magazines or shop windows from time to time, I could never afford them. Unfortunately, policemen don’t earn that well.

“Hello”, greets Pablo.

“Have a nice day,” says the saleswoman. “How can I help you?”

“I’d like a body or a complete set for my girlfriend. However, it must be open at the crotch,” Pablo answers confidently. “You know how it is.”

“Of course, of course,” she replies quickly.

The salesgirl is actually running a little red. She throws me a look that I cannot interpret. Either she just wants to get an idea of the size I’m wearing or she’s curious how I react to Pablo’s announcement.

“He wants me to be ready for him at any time,” I add.

Even if it is a little difficult for me to talk so openly, I want to signal to him that we are on the same level. I hope that this will have a confidence-building effect and further strengthen our relationship. The wide eyes of the saleswoman speak volumes.

“Just a moment, I’ll find something for you.”

The saleswoman, whose cheeks are getting a little darker, stutters out of embarrassment. She gives me another rebuking look and then disappears into the warehouse. It looks as if she is fleeing.

“I’d love to see the little one when she realizes that I’m going to eat you up in the cabin,” Pablo whispers into my ear.

“She stands frozen in terror, hoping that no other customer will notice,” I grin.

Pablo pulls me towards him and kisses me. It is a demanding but very beautiful kiss, which he doesn’t interrupt when the saleswoman returns. She clears her throat, but otherwise remains standing behind the sales table and puts a few boxes she has brought with her on top. Only when Pablo takes pity on her and interrupts the kiss does she begin to present the goods. Pablo looks attentively while she spreads out the different models.

“This one,” says Pablo. He picks up a complete set that is a breath of nothing. “This, too.”

The second one that Pablo takes is a body that is also not capable of hiding anything.

“Let’s try them on,” Pedro says to me. Then he turns to the saleswoman. “We’re allowed, aren’t we?”

“Of course”, she hurries to answer. “Back there are the cabins.”

She leads us to the back of the store. She pulls the curtain to the side and makes an inviting hand movement. Pablo gives her his most enchanting smile and pushes me inside. As he follows me into the cabin, the saleswoman looks irritated. She stands there for some time and obviously does not know how to react. Finally she pulls the curtain behind us.

“Let’s try the body first,” Pablo instructs me.

I follow his request and a little later I have the sinfully beautiful part on my body. It feels wonderful. Pedro looks at me with satisfaction.

“Are you in?”, he whispers to me.

“Of course”, I confirm.

Even though it is not easy for me, I smile to further underline my agreement. I assume that he now wants to fuck me in the cabin. But he obviously has other plans. To my surprise, Pablo pulls back the curtain.

“Miss, I don’t know if that’s right,” he says to the young woman waiting outside the cabin.


Pablo asks me to spread my legs with a slight fold on the inside of my right thigh, which I do immediately.

“Here, is it supposed to be like this?” he asks the saleswoman.

In doing so, he pulls the open part of my crotch apart, thereby exposing my shame. The inner labia clearly peep through the widened gap at the top. I feel sorry for the little one. He does this on purpose to embarrass her.

“You wanted underwear with an open crotch,” she defends herself.

“Yes, yes, I wanted that”, Pablo says with an innocent expression. “I just wanted to know if that was right.”

To make matters worse, he slips a finger between my labia and penetrates me deeply. I am already wet. His shameless game, in which he openly presents my most intimate part, turns me on. He must have noticed that.

“That is so right,” confirms the saleswoman. Her head is red, like a tomato. “It is thought, however, that you will put your limb through it.”

“Okay, let’s try the second part.”

Without waiting for an answer from the completely baffled saleswoman, he pushes me back into the cabin and closes the curtain. Pablo grins mischievously. Seeing him like this reminds me of a rascal who is cooking up a prank.

“Put this on,” he tells me.

This time too, I do what he asks. The bra fits like a glove and the panties are a breath of nothing. Pablo checks how the top fits and then drives between my legs. Again he looks for the slit and pushes the fabric apart with his finger. He checks if I am still wet. Then he opens his trousers.

“The saleswoman said I should put my penis through there,” he says aloud. “Let’s try that, then.”

“But not in the cabin,” pants the young woman. The horror in her voice is more than clearly audible.

“Why not?”, Pablo inquires innocently.

“You can’t do that here in the cabin …”, she replies, but doesn’t finish the sentence because of shame.

Pablo turns me to the wall, lifts one of my legs to put it on the stool that is standing in the cabin and penetrates me.

“It works,” he rejoices. “How is it for you?”

“It feels fantastic. But your cock always does that,” I reply. “Doesn’t the fabric bother you?”

“Not when you put it in. Let’s see how it feels when fucking.”

Pablo takes great pleasure in letting the salesgirl know exactly what we’re doing. Even though I’m a little embarrassed about it, it’s also fun. I can violate conventions with impunity. The saleswoman would never dare to stop Pablo. On the one hand, she is too shy for that and on the other hand she smells a good deal that she doesn’t want to ruin.

“Do you want to check if I’m doing it right?” he teases her further.

“No, no, I’m sure you’re doing it right. Keep up the good work.”

As announced, he withdraws from me and strikes again. He remains deep inside me for a short moment and then repeats his movements. The breaks get shorter and shorter and he finally fucks me hard and deep. Of course, his actions do not remain without effect on me. I start moaning and the lust in me increases significantly.

As expected, we do not hear a word from the saleswoman anymore. Obviously she does not know how to react. I feel a little sorry for her. She has to understand exactly what we are doing here. She can’t possibly not hear us. But strictly speaking, she won’t be harmed in this matter after all. I don’t assume that she knows from her own experience what we are doing in the cabin. I’m sure she has done that as well.

Pablo is pushing harder and harder and more determined. My moaning becomes louder and louder and more choppy. I drift towards a climax that finally rolls over me with a sharp cry of pleasure. Pablo also cramps up, pushes himself a last time deep into my desire channel and discharges himself in me. He stops for a moment before he withdraws from me and hands me a handkerchief to clean me up a bit.

“Now you’ve made a complete mess of the beautiful thing,” I tease him.

“That can be washed.”

“I’m afraid we’ll have to buy it,” I tell him.

“Really?”, he says and winks at me. “How often do you find blouses with makeup stains in them?”

“Cum stains are something else. Would a woman buy panties like that?”

“Okay, let’s buy them,” he relentlessly relentlessly agrees. “Change your clothes.”

While I’m still pulling down the panties, he pulls the curtain aside. This opens the view of a completely disturbed saleswoman. She stares at me in astonishment. But I continue unabashedly and hand Pablo, naked as I am, the complete package.

“We’ll take that,” he says and gives it to the saleswoman.

The sperm traces are clearly visible. She looks at Pablo with astonishment. But he just grins and takes the body off the coat hook I hung it on after I took it off.

“What’s it like with this thing,” he says. He checks the place between the legs. “That’s where your juice is. Do we have to buy the body too?”

“I can’t put it back on the shelf like that,” the saleswoman repulses. “Normally, when trying on underwear, you don’t take off your panties.”

“But then I can’t see anything,” protests Pablo.

“Why? They see everything,” she insists.

“The pattern does”, counters Pablo. “But whether it fits with the slit, I cannot possibly see. Besides, you asked me to put my penis through.”

“I only meant that theoretically,” defends the saleswoman.

“How could that theoretically work?”

“You know what I mean,” she says resignedly.

Fortunately for her, I’m dressed by now. Pablo had his fun and didn’t hold the girl too tight. So I put an end to all this.

“Honey, I guess we’ll have to buy both parts,” I say honey-sweetly. “They are breathtakingly beautiful.”

“On you, they’re really beautiful, that’s true,” he raves.

We go back to the sales table and Pablo pays, without batting an eyelid, the astronomical price for both parts. When I find out that it’s almost two thousand euros, my heart stops for a moment. But Pablo seems to have expected it. He even gives a respectable tip and smiles mischievously at the saleswoman.

She looks at him first and then at me questioningly. Gradually it dawns on her that we have allowed ourselves a joke with her and even a cautious smile creeps into her face.

“Thank you for your purchase. You can always come back to try more pieces,” she offers.

“What’s it like when my girlfriend can’t be there and I would like to see a piece on my body,” Pablo asks mischievously.

The saleswoman has to think for a moment. But then she turns red, like a tomato.

“This service is not normally provided,” she clarifies energetically.

“Normally?”, grins Pablo. He raises his eyebrows.

But then he disappears from the store so quickly that the saleswoman has no chance to react to this question. She looks at me helplessly and shrugs her shoulders.

“Until next time,” I say. Then I disappear too.

“Are you hungry?” Pablo asks

“A bite to eat wouldn’t be bad”, I agree

We return to the parking garage and Pablo opens the passenger door for me in his usual gallant manner. Without asking if it would suit me, he drives to a restaurant on the outskirts of town. It is an inn with home-style cooking. The dishes are simple, but taste delicious.

“You gave that salesgirl quite a tease.”

“That was fun,” he confirms.

“But it was quite expensive,” I realize.

“I can afford it,” he waves. “Don’t worry,” he says.

That’s all over for him. In his eyes I can see the childlike joy that the game gave him. I bet he hasn’t had so much fun in a long time.

After dinner we go for a walk and chat about everything. He holds me around his waist and I feel very comfortable in his presence. Anyone who meets us would think we are a normal lovers.

Chapter 9

We sit in the ‘Amore’ during dinner. The afternoon has gone by far too fast. I really enjoyed the walk, it was incredibly pleasant. I have not been so relaxed for a long time. Pablo also seems to have enjoyed it, otherwise he wouldn’t have devoted so much time to me. If I didn’t know better what Pablo is really like, one could think he is the perfect cavalier and lover. He could be a real dream man. But unfortunately he obviously has a second, less beautiful side to him.

He told me to go to dinner dressed normally today. I had to change anyway, because I have to wear the newly bought body. I did this under his lascivious look in his office.

There is not much going on today. Besides us there are three couples in the restaurant of the ‘Amore’. As usual there are men between 40 and 60 sitting at the table with a young woman wearing white or black underwear. While two of the men behave surprisingly normal and make a rather obliging impression on me, the third one behaves extremely rude for my taste. He is not sitting opposite his companion like all the others. He sits around the corner. This makes it possible for him to kiss the woman again and again, to grab her breasts and between her legs. Once he takes her hand and puts it in his crotch.

Pablo seems to follow my gaze. Only after some time do I notice how he watches me.

“This guest is here for the first time today. He is obviously not familiar with the customs of the house,” says Pablo.

“His companion will probably have even less to laugh about afterwards,” I suspect.

“What do you mean by that?”

“If he behaves so rudely at the table, he’ll really give his arms a good roughing up later on in the room. I imagine he has some special requests.”

“Far from it,” replies Pablo He grins knowingly. “He’ll fuck her in the missionary position, thank her for the beautiful evening and then go home to his wife.”


“Believe me, good manners in public do not mean that it stays that way when you are alone and vice versa. It’s a little uncomfortable for the little one at dinner. But, if you’re honest, they are hookers, as you call them, and have to do what the man who pays for it demands of them. To be tapped during dinner is certainly not common in this house, but in the end it’s not that bad. But I can tell you that it will be much more exciting for the other two girls later in the evening,” he explains.

“What do you mean more exciting?”

“The gentleman on the left has booked the room that is equipped like the treatment room of a gynecologist and the one on the right at the table has booked the SM room.”

“They look so harmless. I never thought they would have special wishes”, I confess. “I would like to watch them secretly, if you could.”

“But you are very curious,” he teases me.

“I’m a girl,” I counter. “I hope you’ve noticed that by now.”

“I have checked that,” says Pablo and grins mischievously.

He seems younger than he is. Sometimes you could mistake him for a teenager who does nothing else all day but concoct pranks. Apparently the others don’t know him as a joking rascal. That’s why I always notice surprised looks from the other girls and waitresses. But only I can see these looks. Before Pablo, everyone avoids showing their surprise.

“If I may do to you afterwards and tomorrow what the two gentlemen do to their escorts, then I will make it possible for you to watch,” he says.

“You can let me watch?”

“Of course I can. I can do almost anything,” he counters with a smile.

“Good, then I want to watch,” I answer after a short pause for reflection.

“You know your stakes?”

“I am ready for it.”

Pablo looks at me in surprise. Obviously he didn’t think I was up to it.

“You know what you’re getting into?” he wants to know

“Not exactly”, I confess “But I assume that you will do it with me sometime if you really want to. Besides, I have confidence in you that you won’t ask more of me than I can bear. So why not now?”

“That’s what I call a healthy attitude,” he grins broadly.

The lout rises from his chair and asks his companion to follow him. Both leave the restaurant. Pablo drinks his espresso, which he apparently always enjoys after the meal. The waiters bring him the coffee automatically.

“Aren’t we going to follow them?” I ask impatiently.

“Them too?” Pablo asks in surprise.

“Of course, I want to see if you’re right.”

“Well,” he says with a smile “Come along”

We get up and leave the restaurant as well. Pablo takes me around his waist and heads for a door in the entrance area. On a small screen on the wall he enters a code and opens the door. As soon as I enter, I immediately realize that from this room, one can monitor the whole house.

“You monitor everything?”, I ask in amazement.

“We are naturally concerned about the safety of our girls,” he says.

“Because of the girls or because of the income that would be lost?”, I ask amused.

Pablo grins at me in a meaningful way. He watches me like a lurking fox. I try to appear as calm as possible and grin friendly.

“If I’m honest, it’s probably a little of both,” he replies.

“I had already thought so. After all, it is legitimate.”

He looks at me thoughtfully, then smiles a little and turns to the monitors. One wall of the room is completely covered with screens.

“There is a camera in every room. From here we can observe and record everything. There are also five cameras outside.”

“Did anyone watch us from here last night?” I ask in surprise.

“Does that bother you? Our performance was certainly not bad.”

“I think he had a hard-on.

“You take it surprisingly well,” he says.

“Should I feel sorry for it? I suppose I’m not the first woman he’s watched getting screwed,” I realize. “Besides, there’s nothing I could do about it now anyway.”

“Go outside and wait outside the door,” Pablo instructs the security guard sitting behind the monitors.

He looks at him in surprise, but then leaves the room. Pablo, who has sat down on the security guard’s chair, points to one of the numerous screens.

“There’s our man.”

Only now do I notice that it is him. While the young woman sits on the bed with a bored look, he laboriously gets rid of his clothes. He is just about to take off an old-fashioned pair of underpants. That thing would turn me off. But the girl gets paid for it and must not let anything show. He puts the underpants on a chair where the rest of his clothes are already lying there surprisingly clean. Apparently Pablo knows his guests well. The guy suddenly seems stuffy and insecure in the room.

“You were right,” I confess.

“Let’s wait and see. He could still mutate into an animal,” he comforts me with a grin. “However, everything already indicates that I am hitting the bull’s eye with my hunch.

“I don’t quite understand his behavior,” I confess. “I would have expected him to be the most exhausting customer for the hooker.”

“Liv!”, Pablo blames me. “There are no hookers here.”

“Sorry, for his company.”

“It’s psychology.”

“That I can’t say ‘hooker’?”

“No, the behavior of this client. The man is insecure. It’s his first time in such an environment. I suspect he got money by a lucky coincidence and wants to finally go to town. But with his wealth he has not automatically gained in level. Out of his insecurity he wanted to let the tough guy hang out at the table in front of the rest of us and wanted to make us believe that he could do anything with his companion. He didn’t consider that he was going too far,” he explains in detail. “But now that he’s alone in the room with the girl, he just wants to fuck. The way I judge him, he has little experience and will therefore make a boring fuck.

“Do you also have an explanation for the two gentlemen who acted gallantly?”

Pablo just grins and seems a bit arrogant. Instead of an answer he points to the monitor where the girl has undressed in the meantime and laid down on the bed. The guy has climbed over her and is ramming her like a rabbit. Everything indicates that everything is happening exactly as Pablo predicted.

“The two gentlemen know their way around. They have been in our house several times and know exactly what they want. They have planned the course of the evening in advance and therefore booked the appropriate rooms. They know what they enjoy and they know how far they can go. Therefore they can be gallant in the restaurant. After all, they want it to be a pleasant evening. Only when they are alone in the room with their escort, they fulfill their desire for unusual sex. This also has something to do with anticipation. Based on their previous experiences, they know exactly that the girls do what they pretend to do and let them do with themselves what they pretend to do. So why go to the mattress?”

“Now I get it! You know these two,” a light bulb goes on. “You know exactly what their preferences are. That’s mean!”

“You should have thought of that before,” he grins gloatingly.

“It’s okay,” I give in. “I wanted to watch and not just know if they really do what you expect them to do.”

“Why that?”

“I’m just curious. It’s interesting to know what’s in store for the girls. This is new territory for me. After all, I’m almost one of those girls.”

“Could you imagine being one of those girls?”

“I suppose they need money as much as I do. I would have serious problems with this job, if I had to let disgusting guys fuck me in a dingy whorehouse. The two gentlemen, however, look quite neat and have manners. They will have their preferences, which are a bit special, but you probably have to put up with that,” I answer honestly. “Seen in this light, this job isn’t so bad. I’m sure there are worse things.

Pablo looks at me with big eyes. He seems thoughtful.

“I was worried you might despise me for what I do.”

“You’re in a not exactly usual trade, but you create jobs,” I reply I try to be deliberately casual.

“You could live with that?”

“Why not?” I ask. “If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be here anymore.”

“So you had such thoughts?”

“No, not really. But I know me. If I don’t like something, I bring it up or I take the consequences. Depends on whether I consider the problem insurmountable or whether I hope there’s a solution.”

On the monitor you can see that our man has swapped places with the young woman and is now getting his cock sucked.

“He will surely want to squirt it into her mouth and she will have to swallow it,” prophesies Pablo.

“Or does he need a break?”, I suppose.

“No, no! Guys like him feel superior to the woman when they inject the sperm into her mouth. The guys don’t know that in this job it’s everyday life to get the sperm in the throat. They think it must be disgusting for a woman. This is probably due to the fact that the vast majority of wives reject such practices or are very reluctant to do so. So when he orders her to swallow the stuff, he feels that she has to overcome herself to do so because of him. That gives him a feeling of power.”

“Interesting,” I honestly say.

At that moment, one of the two gentlemen enters the room, which is furnished like a gynecologist’s examination room, together with his companion. He takes the white coat from the coat rack, puts it over his clothes and sits down behind the desk. The young woman sits in front of it in the visitor’s chair.

“He asks her embarrassing questions. Too bad we can’t hear what they’re saying.”

“You should have had microphones built in.”

“That would have encroached too much on the privacy of our guests,” he explains.

“You watch them screwing, but are worried about eavesdropping on them?”

“I realize it sounds stupid,” Pablo confesses. “Have you no scruples?”

“If you do, do it properly. I’m not for half measures

“I’m beginning to realize that,” he replies A satisfied smile plays around the corners of his mouth. “I hope it’s no different when it comes to keeping your promise.”

“You may do everything with me,” I calm him. “I have confidence in you.”

“That sounds good,” he says and smiles meaningful.

We look at the screens again, because now the young woman stands up and takes off her already transparent underwear. Now the man also stands up and steps in front of her.

“Now he examines her tits,” prophesies Pablo.

In fact, she raises her right arm above her head and he begins to palpate her chest. I know this from my gynecologist. However, this man does not limit himself to just checking if there are nodules in the breast that indicate cancer. He puts his hand over the rather handsome curvature and walks the flesh vigorously through it. The girl does not make a face. Only when he grasps the nipple and pulls strongly on it and turns it wildly, the facial expression becomes more strained.

He plays unbelievably long with the small knob. It seems to fascinate him especially when it stands up hard and straight and thus signals excitement. After some time he turns to the left side and works this breast with the same devotion as the other one.

When he has finally finished, the young woman has to lie down on a treatment bed. He corrects her position by spreading her legs. He takes a fever meter and pushes it into the woman’s vagina. A little later he pushes a second fever gauge into the anus. There is probably no point in this procedure, but he will love to push something into the woman’s holes, I suppose. He waits a while and then pulls both out and compares.

“Now he measures the depth,” Pablo announces.

“The depth? What depth?”

“There is a dildo with a measuring scale on it. He pushes it into her cunt and as soon as the part can’t be inserted any further, he reads the centimeters.”

“What is this for?”

“He knows how long the cock can be, which she can take up to the maximum.”

“What for?”

“Mr. July is a family doctor. I suppose he would have liked to become a gynecologist to see and touch many naked women. I don’t know why he didn’t pursue this career. In any case, he comes to us at regular intervals, always books another girl and creates an index card. In it all the data is noted down.”

“Quirky guy,” I note. “Probably the women’s world was lucky that he didn’t become a gynecologist.”

Pablo smiles. In fact, Mr July introduces a dildo to the girl. He does it lying down, standing up and from behind. He always goes back to the desk and takes notes. Probably it is the respective result. Dimensions of all body parts follow. Especially with the breasts, the pubic area and the bottom he takes his time. Besides he gropes the young woman extensively.

After this procedure the two of them change to the chair, as it is typical in every gynecologist’s room. His companion sits on it, puts her legs into the bowls and openly presents her pubic area. Mr. Juli takes a speculum and inserts it. A detailed examination follows. Again and again he drives into the open pubic area with various objects. It looks as if he is making numerous smears.

“It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a little uncomfortable,” explains Pablo.

“I can imagine that. I am already satisfied with the examination by my gynecologist. This is an XXL examination,” I answer. “So that’s what you want to do with me.”

“If it makes you so uncomfortable, it does,” he counters. “I like playing with you.”

Mr. Juli takes out the speculum and introduces various dildos. They get thicker and thicker. Apparently he wants to test which dimensions fit into them. Finally he pushes two fingers of his right hand between the labia and fucks the woman with them. After some time he takes all the fingers except the thumb and expands the pubic area. In the end he tries it with all fingers and finally sinks the whole hand into her abdomen. The facial features of the young woman become more and more rigid. You can see that it is very uncomfortable for her. Nevertheless she holds still.

“Could the girl break off?” I ask.

“Then the money is gone.”

“So the customer doesn’t pay,” I find out.


“Then you haven’t earned anything either.”

“The girl will pay me.”

“Oh, I see! Then she’ll probably think twice before going through with it.

During this conversation, Mr. July picked up a stopwatch and fetched a vibrator from a shelf. He says a few words to the woman and then hands her the vibrator. The picture alone shows that he gives the command and operates the stopwatch. At that moment she pushes the vibrator into her pussy and moves it in and out. She seems to be aroused very quickly. I can read that in her face. Already after a short time she rears up and twitches. This goes on for a while until she calms down again. Now she collapses on the couch and pulls the vibrator out.

Mr. Juli goes to the desk again and probably notes down the time the woman took to reach the climax. The man is really quirky.

From his hand movements I can understand that he instructs her to go back to the couch. With visibly soft knees she follows the order. She wants to lie down, but is disabused by him and squats down on all fours. With this she stretches her bottom toward him. At the man’s command, she puts her head on the couch and reaches back with her hands and pulls her ass cheeks apart.

Mr. Juli now pushes a plug into her ass. As soon as he is inside and he has moved it a little back and forth, it is replaced by a bigger one. This goes on for quite a while. The plugs get bigger and bigger and he has more and more trouble to push them up the woman’s ass. I can tell from her slightly constricted facial features that it is extremely unpleasant – if not painful – for her.

He finally leaves the biggest plug in. The girl has to go back to the examination chair with the monster thing in her ass and sit in it again. Mr. Juli takes off his pants and panties, takes the plug out of the girl’s ass and pushes his cock into her pussy. He fucks her in slow strokes. He has obvious pleasure in it.

After some time he pulls his penis out of the girl and sprays the semen all over her belly. While he goes to the desk and takes notes, she has to sit in the chair.

Only after some time he calls the young woman to him. She has to kneel down in front of him and blow his cock hard again. This takes some time, during which Mr. Juli lolls in his chair in a very relaxed manner.

When he thinks that the stability is enough, he pulls her up, puts her on the desk with her belly and pushes his pole into her abdomen. But after only two or three thrusts, he pulls back, starts again and then presses shut. Since he has to exert much more pressure and the girl’s face is distorted, I assume that he wants to fuck her in the ass. This is not visible on the screen because the girl’s ass is turned away from us.

Despite previous stretching, her anus seems to offer more resistance than he had hoped. He has to start a second time, now pushes with great force and pushes himself into the girl’s ass until it stops. Since she looks into the camera, I can read directly into her face. I think I can see a little bit of pain in it as he jerks into her. But for a long time he does not let her. Mr. Juli starts fucking immediately and hammers his beating again and again into the young woman. He shows considerable stamina in the process. Probably also because he has already reached the climax once. Eventually he does tense up, presses his pelvis hard against the woman’s bottom and gets an increasingly transfigured expression. It is impossible to overlook that he exudes himself into the condom he pulled over his little friend before the fuck.

He simply lies on top of her for some time. Then he says something to her. Obviously it is an instruction, because a little later he breaks away from her. She also gets up, gets on her knees in front of him and licks his cock clean. When I think about the fact that she had it stuck in her ass just before, it disgusts me now after all. Only after she has cleaned the rubber from the outside, she is allowed to pull it off and now she is allowed to lick the cock herself clean and suck the last sperm out of it.

“Where’s Herbert?” Pablo asks

“Who’s Herbert?” I ask, stunned.

“The second guest we wanted to watch.”

“He’s not here yet,” I say. I have checked all the screens before.

“Then I’ll fuck you in the meantime. Watching Mr. July fuck his companion in the ass made me horny.”

Without waiting for an order, I undress. Then I squat down in front of him and open his pants. As soon as the belt, button and zipper are open, I go in with my right hand and feel the already semi-rigid cock. I free him from the narrowness and first look at the red acorn, which greedily stretches towards me. Without hesitation I lick the tip once over, take the whole cock in my mouth and suck it with pleasure.

“You like that?” Pablo wants to know

“I do with you.”

“Or don’t you?

“So far, not really.”

Once again a satisfied smile creeps into his face. That’s the kind of thing that flatters every man. Even though I don’t feel any extraordinary desire to blow him, I do it anyway. But I don’t mind it as much with him as with the others. But I hope, with the assurance that I like it with him, to continue to build trust.

I don’t have to suck on his stalk for long either, he stands out hard and big. I free him completely by pulling down his pants and panties. Pablo obviously can’t wait any longer either. He directs me to the control desk, I have to lie down with my stomach on it, spread my legs and he pushes himself into me from behind. In hard and unbelievably deep strokes he fucks me directly to the climax. He obviously has to release pressure and therefore doesn’t spend a lot of time playing games. Already after a short time he cramps up, presses his pelvis against my ass with great determination and shoots his semen into my abdomen. At the same moment a wave of lust breaks down above me and a climax almost makes my body burst.

When we get up again after a short recovery phase, I notice movement on one of the monitors.

“Oh, Herbert is already there,” says Pablo. “You stay naked!”

“Can I have something to wipe it with?”

“No!” he says resolutely.

“It’s all coming out of me.”

“I don’t care.”

“It’ll be a mess,” I say. “What will the guard think of me afterwards?”

Pablo just smiles. He seems to know that I’m embarrassed when others know I got fucked I don’t care if it’s clear that people fuck in this house Nevertheless I can’t relax.

The girl of Herbert is already naked. He on the other hand is still getting undressed. He puts his clothes neatly on a chair. His undressing gives me the time to take a closer look at the room they are in. Next to a punishment trestle, a pillory and an Andreas cross, there are two large chests of drawers in the room. In addition there are some chains with cuffs hanging from the ceiling.

Herbert instructs the young woman to stand in front of the punishment buck. To my surprise, however, not in such a way that she has to bend over it, but with her back to the furniture. Now he fastens her ankles to the legs of the buck. As soon as this is done, he pulls her back and fastens her hands to her feet on the other side. The body of the very handsome girl is thus stretched in an arc over the punishment buck. The posture forces her to spread her legs wide and to show us her shame openly. Also the breasts are lifted from the arch of her body and stand out clearly visible. The posture itself must be extremely uncomfortable for them.

Herbert approaches the girl from the side so that we can see exactly what he is doing on the monitor. With one hand he moves between her legs and plays on her labia. With the other hand he alternately kneads her breasts. The pubic area is perfectly shaved and the inner labia are clearly visible. She has a really horny body and I have to admit that Herbert has chosen a really hot pussy. Again and again he pulls on the labia, penetrates her first with one and later with two fingers and pats her on the mons veneris and pubis. Thereby he changes between almost lovingly and rather painful back and forth. Both are probably not pleasant for the young woman. But that does not seem to interest Herbert.

“Oh, it’s getting hot now,” comments Pablo.

At first I don’t understand what he means. To be honest, I am too busy with myself as well. His semen, which is mixed with my vaginal fluid, is gradually seeping out of my pubic area and a small trickle is moving down my right thigh. Suddenly I feel a small gush come out of me and drip directly to the ground. I only feel the lump graze my ankle and then charge on the floor. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. But Pablo seems to enjoy showing me off.

At second glance I recognize how Herbert turns around, holds a candle in his hand and lights it. While the wick throws a higher and higher flame, Herbert again gropes the girl’s shame.

“He won’t?” I say.

“He will,” assures Pablo. “I don’t know where yet, but he will drip hot wax on her.”

“Won’t that hurt?”

“It depends on the height. The higher he holds the candle, when he lets the wax run down, the more it will be cooled. But even the warm and the hot wax is cool. It just must not cause burns.”

“Will you do that to me later too?”

“For sure!”

Shit! I’m beginning to wonder if I wasn’t too brave when I agreed to have the same thing done to me that Herbert does to the girl. After all, I am a bloody beginner and the young woman in this room is a professional. She has certainly put up with such and similar things many times before. But at this point there is no turning back for me. I do not want to whine and beg. I don’t want to be a crybaby. I’d rather grit my teeth and do things — or rather, I’d rather have things done to me — that I would never voluntarily put up with.

Herbert holds the candle very high and lets the liquid wax fall drop by drop onto the girl’s stomach. I can’t see her face and therefore don’t know how she reacts to it. Unfortunately her head hangs down on the side turned away from the camera. Suddenly Herbert changes position. He goes deeper with the candle and now lets the wax drip onto her breasts. He seems to have a lot of practice in this, because he first forms a circle around the nipples and then covers them completely with wax. As he also moves closer and closer to the body the wax seems to get hotter and hotter as it hits the skin. I can also imagine that the nipples are a bit more sensitive than the rest of the body. In any case, it seems to me that the girl tenses her body every time the wax hits her.

“How does it feel?” I ask Pablo. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Then it’s time,” he teases me

“Go on”, I get impatient

“So far it’s warm but not painful”, he explains.

“What do you mean until now?”

“Look at it,” he puts me off.

“You know what comes next?”

“I can guess.”

My breath stops at that very moment. Herbert moves his hand directly over the girl’s shame and pulls back the other one, with which he has been toying with her so far. I hold my breath in fright. Pablo notices this of course and laughs at me.

The drops first hit the Venus Hill from a medium height. Herbert describes a trail that starts in the middle of the fleshy hill, leads to the right groin, goes down between thigh and shame and then changes sides to return to the starting point on the other side. As the young woman seesaws with her thighs and opens and closes them as far as she is able in her bondage, I realize that it is hardly bearable for her.

“Is she in pain?” I ask. I try to sound interested. I don’t want to look as if I’m feeling pity or even fear, because later I’ll be feeling the same. Even if I have both, I want to avoid this impression, so as not to arouse fear in him that he cannot let me in on everything. Especially in view of the auction tomorrow, I would like to get as much information from him as I can.

“It will be a bit warm, but above all it tickles when the wax hits the skin in these places.

“You do the same with me, I suppose. Then I know exactly”, I suppose.

“You are curious and inquisitive,” he teases me.

“Absolutely and for that I make sacrifices, too. After all, I am not just a girl, but a tough girl.”

“That’s the way I like it. Tough girls are my favorites”, Pablo counters.

Herbert paused briefly and gave the candle a little time to liquefy more wax. Once again he drops the wax on the poor woman’s body. But this time he drives straight down from the Venus Hill. I hope that he stops before the trail reaches the labia, but he does not stop. He even pulls the shame apart with his second hand. Exactly between the left inner and outer labia he pulls his track down and goes up again on the other side. The girl bobbing frenetically with her thighs, but Herbert has no mercy. He even uses his free hand to pull the inner labia a little further apart and this time he lets the wax fall right in between. He skips the clitoris first, but then returns to it and finally covers it completely with wax.

I have unbelievable sympathy for the young woman. When I think about how sensitive I am at this point, I can imagine how much she is suffering at the moment. At least I imagine it. Unfortunately, I cannot see her face to convince myself how she really is. I only have my imagination and that leaves no doubt. It must burn like hell when the hot wax drips onto this incredibly sensitive area.

But what is it? The girl that Herbert has meanwhile given up on is trembling. No idea why she is suddenly so tense. For the life of me, I can’t explain what’s going on in that room.

“The horny sow has an orgasm,” Pablo explains unmoved. He speaks more to himself than to me.

“She has an orgasm? How is that possible?”, I ask completely irritated.

“The wax has completely covered her clit. The heat lasts and has brought her to a climax.”

“Is such a thing even possible?”

“You will experience it yourself,” he prophesies to me.

What I saw may well have been a climax. I wouldn’t have another explanation for the twitching either. Above all, because it is also clearly visible on the screen that the pussy is now completely wet. This puts the treatment with the wax in a completely new light for me. I would have expected this to be very painful. But exactly the opposite seems to be the case.

Herbert is obviously not surprised that his playmate has reached the climax. Completely unmoved, he takes a crop and hits the woman’s body. First on the wax traces on the belly, then the breasts follow.

“What is he doing now?” I ask curiously.

“He dissolves the wax,” explains Pablo.

“All over the body?”

“All over his body.”

“Even between the legs?”

“There too, of course.”

“Doesn’t it hurt like hell?”

“Not particularly. Especially if you know what you’re doing. Of course it doesn’t pass by without leaving a trace, but the pain quickly turns into warmth and you have already seen what that can do.

“I would go crazy knowing that he would hit me on my pussy with it,” I confess.

“It will drive you crazy. Count on it!”, he opens to me. “But Herbert can. He doesn’t hit too hard and not too soft. He knows exactly how to get the best effect.”

“And you can do it too?”

“Of course I can do it too, don’t worry.”

“But what’s Herbert gain when the girl comes off the wax and he fires her with the crop?”, I ask myself.

“He has a wife who is incredibly willing to be fucked by him. After such a treatment she is as wet as a woman can be.”

I’ve never thought of it that way. I always thought that such games were only there to show power and to oppress the woman. That it could also be a way to make her want and prepare her for the actual fuck, I never expected.

In the meantime Herbert has arrived at her shame. At a closer look I also realize that he is going to work very carefully. Nevertheless the girl rears up every time he hits her between her legs. Especially when he hits the clitoris, she twitches frenetically. So that must hurt her after all! But to my surprise, it doesn’t. I am completely perplexed when I realize that liquid is spurting out of her shame. This woman on the monitor has just had a wet exit. I cannot believe this!

Herbert now untie her. The young woman stands there with shaky legs. The climax must have been extremely violent. Immediately she goes down on her knees in front of him and blows his cock hard. Herbert does not take long and his penis stands like a one. He grabs the girl, puts her belly over the punishment buck and rams his beating greedily into her body from behind. Without a break he starts fucking and reaches the climax a little later.

To my surprise, he withdraws from the girl’s body right after the orgasm, cleans his cock with a paper handkerchief he takes from a waiting box and starts to get dressed.

“He doesn’t fuck her a second time?”, I am amazed.

“No, Herbert only fucks the girls once. No idea why,” Pablo replies.

“Does he always practice the same ritual?”

“No, not Herbert. He obviously thinks up a different game every time. His ingenuity seems to be immeasurable. I would never have noticed that he has done the same program twice.”

Chapter 10

“Come,” Pablo says

I look surprised as he goes to the door. He looks at the floor in front of me and grins. As I see only now, a small lake has formed there. Even for a layman, the whitish liquid clearly shows that it is sperm. The small rivulets on my thighs are also visible for everyone. At this point there is nothing I can do about it and, as I now know, Pablo loves to show me off. So I take my underwear and want to slip into it.

“Naked!”, Pablo tells me.

“How naked?”

“Pick up your clothes and come,” he orders

Oh – you – holy shit! I am to trot naked and visible to everyone that I am freshly fucked, behind him. I consider briefly whether I should refuse, but decide against it. To rebel against him now could endanger the whole action. So I grit my teeth, pick up my clothes and follow him.

Pablo opens the door. The security guard, who has been waiting outside, looks at me in surprise at first, but then grins broadly. Of course he knows what happened in the room. The marks on my body are more than obvious.

Naked as I am, I have to follow Pablo to the bar where we have a cocktail. He obviously has two faces. On the one hand he is the obliging, the gentleman, in whose presence I feel incredibly comfortable and then he is the dominant, for whom women are just a commodity. Although I have the feeling that he likes me a lot and he would do anything for me, he shows me again through my nakedness that I belong to him and that I am basically just a whore like all the others. I don’t know if he does this on purpose or if it’s just something that’s in him. Maybe he is not even aware of how he is treating me. For me at least it is borderline. I feel terribly uncomfortable and humiliated to have to stand naked at the bar. Only when I realize that we are in a brothel do I get used to the situation to some extent.

At first I don’t realize what we are doing at the bar. At first I assume that Pablo makes it consciously in order to prepare me for the role I have to take on in a moment. But when Herbert marches past us and Pablo lets himself slide off the bar stool right after that, I understand that he was just waiting for the S&M room to become available. That nudity in public could be a problem for me never even occurred to him.

So he wants to introduce me to the secrets of these practices. On the one hand I am afraid of it, but at the same time I am curious about how it feels. I have hardly dealt with the subject so far and never dreamed of testing such forms of sexual togetherness. This is not to say that I am not open to new things. In this completely new environment it is not very difficult for me to get involved. What worries me, however, is the possible pain. The hot wax and the strokes with the crop worry me. But the fact that the girl from before has even reached her climax arouses my curiosity.

Pablo leads me into the SM room. He binds me backwards over the punishment buck, just like Herbert did with his playmate. Only now do I realize that the trestle is height adjustable. This of course makes this kind of fixation easier, but it is still a bit uncomfortable.

Like the girl before, I now form a bow. My breasts and above all my shame are not only freely accessible, they are those areas of my body where the gaze of an observer must necessarily fall on. Of course I noticed earlier how openly the female attributes of the girl’s body are presented. But to realize on my own body how shamelessly I offer my most intimate parts to Pablo’s gaze and probably also to the security guard at the monitor is a completely different matter. I am ashamed. Nevertheless I suppress my shame and smile. I put a good face on the game. Whether it will be bad, I cannot say yet. In any case, in this my new experience I have a lot of fence guests. This time not only my colleagues are listening in on the wiretap. This time the security guard will also take a close look at what he is doing to me.

Pablo is aware that the security guard is watching, but he obviously doesn’t care. Like Herbert before him, he starts to fondle my breasts with one hand and my vagina with the other. I can hardly move in my fixation and am helplessly at his mercy. In the first moment I have the urge to resist and avoid him. But I cannot do that. I am very reluctant to be used by him at will. Even in normal life it is difficult for me to give up control. But here I feel degraded to an object.

But the more I realize that I can do absolutely nothing about it and therefore just give myself over to his doing, I can gradually enjoy his touch. The more I let myself fall, the more I realize how subtly he tempts my sensitive areas. The excitement in me increases more and more. I am surprised by myself. Even a faint groan escapes my throat. At first he alternately concentrates either on the breasts or the vagina. With each change I miss his caresses in one place and I am happy that he finally devotes himself to the other.

When he suddenly uses both hands with virtuosity to give me unbelievable pleasure, I race towards a climax that unloads itself like a violent thunderstorm out of the blue in and above me. In my bondage I am forced to let the orgasm roll over me. This feeling is also simply heavenly.

“You are very sensitive,” Pablo notes.

“You were only trying to get at it,” I disagree. “I never had a chance.”

“You are mine,” he points out.

“Only to you,” I say Because of the contractions, I’m barely able to speak

Pablo smiles and continues to play with me. With this he clearly drags out my climax. When it finally subsides, he withdraws and goes to a dresser. I remain exhausted and lie stretched over the punishment buck. My breathing goes violently and my chest rises and falls in the same rhythm. My body is covered with a thin layer of sweat.

The longer I wait, the more aware I become that he will now fetch a candle. He will surely want to show me how it feels and feast on my fear. So there will be no way out and I will get acquainted with the hot wax. Just the thought of it makes my skin tingle. I am a little bit scared, but at the same moment I am also slightly excited by the thought of getting acquainted with the heat.

Pablo comes back and approaches the buck from the side. Since I cannot lift my head, my field of vision is very limited. I don’t know if the wax really takes that long to melt or if he just wants to stall me. Time passes unbearably slowly and the tension in me is almost immeasurable.

Suddenly something unknown hits me on the stomach completely unprepared. Even before I can realize what it could be and how it feels, I emit a scream. It is the surprise and the tension that makes me cry out. It is only when I have gradually processed the various perceptions of my senses and grasped exactly what has actually happened that I admit to myself that there is actually only a strong warmth spreading on my skin. It is easy to bear.

When he drops more drops on my stomach, I don’t make a sound anymore. After all, it is no longer surprising for me. I can devote myself completely to the new feeling that these wax drops give me. The heat spreads with a slight delay. But it lasts much longer than a drop of water, for example. It feels really good.

Pablo takes a short break. I flinch very slightly when another drop hits my left breast a little later. In this case, too, it’s just the surprise. Slowly, slowly Pablo draws a circle about halfway up on my breast. Again, the warmth spreads surprisingly gently and moves far into the inside of the breast. Pablo repeats the circle on my right side. It feels incredibly good and to my amazement a groan escapes me.

Once again Pablo takes a break. But I already know what’s coming and prepare myself for him to drip the wax on one of my nipples. However, I have no idea which of the two he will do first. He deliberately lets me fidget and enjoys putting me on the rack. Even though I expect it, the drops hit me unprepared. Pablo lets a whole gush of wax splash onto my right nipple. Once again I emit a cry of surprise.

This time it is hotter. The concentrated charge behaves differently than single drops. The heat is almost unbearable, even if it is not painful. It grips my entire nipple, which immediately straightens up when it is hit. But when the wax slowly cools and solidifies again, my nipple is fixed in its protruding position and can no longer retract. It feels as if someone is constantly pulling on it.

Also with my second breast it repeats its attack on the nipple. This time, because I already know what’s coming, I can more consciously perceive and enjoy the feelings that are acting on me. Once again a moaning escapes me. The heat spreads throughout my entire chest and radiates into deeper layers. But I can also feel a pulling in my abdomen, which comes from the heat on my nipples.

“It makes you horny,” he says.

He pushes a finger into my vagina and then holds it under my nose with a wet shimmer. I can see his facial features and notice that he takes note of my reaction with arrogant joy.

Again a pause follows and again I can guess what will follow. I trust him and assume that it will not be painful this time either. In fact, a few drops of the hot wax that he drops on the mons pubis surprise me. They are pleasant and I enjoy them. Even the surprise does not elicit any reaction from me anymore. As he immediately draws a small road down through the groin, over the dam and finally to the other side, I have to hold my breath again. Since the skin between the thigh and the pubic area is very delicate and sensitive, the warmth has an incredibly arousing effect. It tickles, as Pablo predicted. I am far, far away from pain.

It is unbelievably intense when he describes a trace down between the outer and inner labia and up on the other side. The spreading warmth feels like my pussy is on fire. It is incredibly exciting. I would never have thought such a thing was possible.

Like Herbert with his girl, Pablo now pulls my labia apart and lets the wax drip in between. Luckily he apparently let it fall down from a higher height, because it doesn’t feel so hot anymore. Pablo really knows how to handle wax and seems to know exactly how it feels. Since the skin is incredibly sensitive at this point, the wax does not miss its effect. The excitement increases even more. When he finally drops a big gush on my clitoris, completely enveloping it, I feel as if my plum is on fire.

The heat hits me completely unprepared at my most sensitive spot despite everything. It has a hardly imaginable and unbelievably exciting effect – but with a time delay. It takes a few seconds in which the heat spreads uninhibitedly in my lap before the climax collapses above me. It is unspeakably violent. I have never experienced anything like it! I never thought that I could reach the climax through this warmth alone.

“Your fear was probably not justified,” Pablo says after a while. He gave me a short break to recover from my orgasm.

“I never thought it would be so horny,” I confess. “My concern was indeed misplaced.”

“You came violently.”

“Very violently,” I confess.

Then he puts his hand to my face. She is all wet. At first, I can’t understand why.

“You’re a little piglet,” he teases me.


“I have rarely seen a woman come so violently. It was absolutely uninhibited.”

“I just let myself fall.”

“That’s good.”

Pablo moves away again. Now he is going to get the crop and again a completely new experience awaits me. I’ve never been beaten before and I could never have imagined that I would ever voluntarily let something like that happen to me. But after the experience with the wax and after what I observed with Herbert and his girl, I am only curious how it will feel. I have no more fear of pain. I trust Pablo. He seems to know exactly how to do it so that it will be comfortable for me.

I’m already tensing the abdominal wall, because I expect that at some point the whip will hit me right there. But Pablo seems to want to play with me. He makes me wait half an eternity. Out of the blue a blow hits me on my left nipple. Once again I emit a cry of surprise. The wax flies through the air in small pieces and a few splinters hit me in the face. A strong pull goes through my chest and reaches with its runners also my abdomen. It is strong but not bad. It hurts, but for the feeling that follows, I gladly accept this pain.

Pablo makes you dance on my breasts. The strokes always trigger a violent pulling. You might think there is a direct connection between the breasts and my abdomen. The blows on top have an almost simultaneous effect on the bottom. Pablo seems to vary the hardness of the blows very cleverly. Sometimes it’s almost pleasant, other times it’s hard on the edge of pain and a few times it really hurts. But Pablo knows exactly what effect the blows have on me, because he always doses them in a way that they are still bearable for me.

After some time he continues his work on my stomach and then on the mons pubis. When, completely unexpectedly, a violent blow hits me right on the cleft, I scream unrestrainedly in a mixture of lust and pain. I have the impression that my abdomen is exploding. It is as if it is bursting into millions of individual parts. I come again as violently as I never thought possible.

“Now you’re really warmed up,” says Pablo.

First he hastily removes the wax from my shame with his hand and then he frees my arms and legs. I can hardly stand, my knees are so wobbly. I think for a moment, as it was with Herbert earlier. Pablo probably wants to recreate the situation now. Therefore I assume that he also wants me to blow his cock. I sink to my knees in front of him, exhausted, and take his already stiff member into my mouth. Strictly speaking he would not need my donations. He is more than ready. Nevertheless I blow him full of devotion. Pablo begins to moan.

He is very excited and impatient. Therefore he grabs my hair roughly, pulls me up by it and puts me over the punishment buck. In a single, flowing movement he puts his penis against my entrance and pushes hard. Even though I am prepared for his penetration, it squeezes all air out of my lungs. It is just too beautiful to finally feel him inside me. I am always fascinated by how at his mercy I am and how easy he can just take what he wants. I am ready for everything. The main thing is that he provides me with such unbelievably violent climaxes. It is a situation that I have never experienced before. My previous sexual partners have always tried to be considerate of me. Pablo behaves completely different. What I find incomprehensible is that despite his more ruthless approach, he manages to create such incredible lust for me as no previous partner before him. No one has ever come close to this intensity.

Pablo penetrates me to the limit. I am sufficiently lubricated, since my entire desire channel is incredibly moist from his previous treatment. However, it is not only well lubricated, but also incredibly sensitive. His penetration instantly catapults me back into the heights of lust. He also starts fucking uninhibited and with a vehemence that I have only experienced with him so far. I can well imagine that he has incredible pressure that he has to relieve. First he had to watch Herbert and then he could observe the tremendous lust he gave me — everything without finding relief himself.

He fucks me immediately and without any consideration. I realize that he only wants to finish, which he manages to do in a very short time. He expresses himself violently in me, remains in me briefly, emits a rutting scream and floods my inner being with his seed. It discharges itself in several bursts and then collapses on me. His tail is still inside me and does not contract at all, which makes me wonder.

I am a little frustrated because I didn’t reach the climax this time. Even if I had already had several orgasms that evening, I would still have liked to experience this one. But already after a short recovery Pablo straightens up again and continues fucking as if nothing had happened. I’ve never seen the penis of a man who just fucked me not go limp after the climax. Pablo however, is still ready for action and fucks me a second time. This time he is not so much focused on quick satisfaction. Although he doesn’t show any consideration for me this time either, I enjoy the fuck and so we reach almost simultaneously an all devouring climax that crowns both our evenings.

Chapter 11

“You’re a really tough woman,” Pablo says.

I open my eyes at this very moment. Apparently he woke up before me and noticed that I was slowly coming to. I slept wonderfully. Yesterday evening was incredibly exciting and intense. I have never had so wonderful and so much sex in a single evening before. However, it was also accordingly exhausting. Pablo carried me into one of the normal rooms and put me on the bed. I must have fallen asleep immediately, because I have no memory of what happened afterwards.

“What do you mean?”, I ask, still a little drowsy.

Pablo grins and looks at me. He seems to be thinking about how to express it. In any case, he doesn’t answer immediately.

“You were a completely inexperienced wallflower,” he begins.

“Oh yes! And what are you trying to tell me?”

“Be honest, your sexual experiences were rather modest when you came to us.”

“I just wanted to work as a waitress or something like that.”

Pablo smiles again. My answer seems to amuse him. But it is the truth. I was aware that I had to be willing to have sex in such an environment. But it was not my goal.

“That’s what I mean,” he continues. “Despite the still quite modest experience, you willingly entered new territory and let me guide you. The first sex was still fairly normal, for your circumstances. The visit to the lingerie store was already a great experience for you. I was worried that you would already say no and stop there. But you not only took part, you obviously enjoyed it. I wanted to provoke you with the offer of sex in the SM room. But you accepted without batting an eyelid. Thereupon I wanted to test you and take you to your limits. But I never expected you to go all the way.

“Mission accomplished! You have indeed led me to my limits. I think that’s fair to say.”

“But you didn’t back down.”

“I did not. And I am glad that I have overcome my fears,” I confess. “It was incredibly hot.”

“Still, I would have thought the fear might have prevailed.”

“I trust you.”

“Is that the only reason you pulled through?”

“That’s the only reason.”

“Come, we have to have breakfast and then go shopping,” he asks me.

Pablo abruptly changes the subject But a proud smile plays around his lips. He kisses me long and very sensually before he jumps out of bed and disappears into the bathroom.

“What do we have to buy?” I call after him.

“A dress for you!”

“Why a dress for me? What are you up to?”

“You’ll see,” he replies evasively.

“Come on, tell me!” I insist.

“There’s an event here tonight and I want you to be the prettiest of all.”

“The fairest? More like Snow White or the Evil Queen?” I ask jokingly.

“Well, who is?” he counters.

“What is this event?” I ask. “Is there a dress code?”

We sit at breakfast and I take a sip of coffee. Since I already suspect what kind of event it is, I am very nervous inside. But I try not to let it show. However, the hunger has passed me by.

“How can I explain this to you?” he prints around. “It’s part of the business.”

“Come on, tell me!” I ask him. “By tonight at the latest, I’ll find out anyway what kind of event it is. But then it could happen that I’m not properly dressed, because I wasn’t prepared for it.”

“Well,” he relentlessly agrees. “We’ll find girls for one night in this house. If a guest and a girl come to an agreement, then it could also be for a few days, for example as a vacation companion.”

“The girl is free to choose?”

“Well, I have to make sure I have a little security. The same rules always apply.”

“If she refuses, does she have to reimburse you for the lost income?”


“That sounds fair”, I answer.

I try not to have a sarcastic undertone in my voice. I find it disgusting how he forces the girls to sell themselves and their bodies. I find it particularly reprehensible that he also pretends that they have a choice. To tell him now that I think he is a monster would be the wrong time. At this point I must not jeopardize his trust through my emotions. I have to put a good face on the bad game.

“For some time now, we have had a new project. It involves selling girls for ten years,” he continues.

“Sold? In what sense?”

“Rich men can buy one of these girls at an auction as a sex slave for ten years and pay a considerable amount of money. When the time is up, the young women are rich and free.”

“Are there enough women to participate?” I inquire. I just try to sound curious.

“The money is tempting,” he replies evasively.

“Cool,” I answer and try to feign enthusiasm. “What’s the profit in an auction like this?”

“It depends on the audience and the girls. So far it’s been between 200,000 and 700,000 euros.”

“That’s a nice starting capital after 10 years.”

“The girls don’t have all the money. I get a part of it for my work and the contacts”, he interjects.

“Some kind of commission? That’s obvious. It wouldn’t be fair if it wasn’t. You must have a lot of work to do to find the girls and the contacts and bring them together.”

It costs me a lot of effort to encourage him to change his mind. But I am very surprised that he even lets me in on his secret. Therefore I do not want to waste this chance. I just wonder if he thinks I am naive or if he thinks I am really on his side.

“Have you finished?”

“Yes, we can go.”

“But you haven’t eaten.”

“I must still be too tired from yesterday,” I answer evasively. “You’ve really done me in.”

Pablo smiles contentedly. It flatters his male honour when I confirm that he has given me a good going-over. And he is satisfied with my explanation. So we get up and set off. Before we start our car he quickly gives us some instructions for the evening. The preparations are running.

We enter a very distinguished store. I would never enter such a fancy store on my own. I simply couldn’t afford these things. From my salary as a policewoman it is just enough to make ends meet and give me a halfway comfortable life. But I don’t need to think about luxury.

Pablo, on the other hand, seems to have shopped here several times. He purposefully walks past the saleswoman, whose question about our wishes he completely ignores. He opens a door with a sign on it that marks the room behind it as a store.

“Tobi, may we come in?”, he shouts into the room.

Without waiting for an answer, he opens the door completely, looks around to see if I am following him and then enters the camp. As I enter the room behind him, I see him shaking hands with a man.

“You’ve got a hot one there,” says the man and whistles appreciatively. “What is it to be?”

“We need a fancy dress. It should be sexy but not slutty,” explains Pablo.

“But the little one is supposed to attract customers?”

“Do as I tell you!” Pablo instructs him without further explanation.

Tobi disappears between shelves and we wait. Since Pablo doesn’t say a word, I also keep quiet. I don’t feel very comfortable in this room.

“Hasn’t the bitch moved out yet?” Tobi says with annoyance in his voice. He has come out again between the rows of clothes without me noticing him. He put some clothes over his arm.

“Liv is my girlfriend and not a girl from the club,” Pablo says to Tobi.

He stops and looks at him with big eyes. His jaw has dropped and for a few seconds he doesn’t know what to say. The situation seems to be completely new to him and he first has to consider whether he has already heard correctly.

“Your girlfriend?”, he stammers. “Since when do you have something like that?”

“Do you think I can’t have a girlfriend?” Pablo replies gruffly.

The atmosphere between the two of them has cooled down noticeably. Pablo seems tense and his gaze is hostile. No idea what he can have against Pablo having a girlfriend. Maybe he just didn’t think he could do it.

“Sorry, of course I didn’t mean it that way”, Tobi repels. “I am just a little surprised. I have known you for a few years now and have never met a girlfriend of yours”

“There is always a first time,” his friend counters.

“That’s how it looks like”, Tobi says. “It was obviously worth the wait.”

To my surprise, he disappears again with his clothes between the clothes rails and comes back with others. He pulls an empty clothes rail into place and hangs them up there. He rows them in such a way that we can examine them comfortably. As far as I can tell, they are extremely fine pieces. The fabrics are sensational and the cuts noble but extravagant. Because of the still a little tense mood, I hold back. I just look at the pieces.

Pablo on the other hand grabs one of the dresses and holds it in front of my body. It is a small black one, strikingly figure-hugging. This piece is also my favorite.

“Go behind the dresses and please try it on for me,” says Pablo.

“You have taste,” I answer, take the dress and leave.

Since there is no changing room in the camp, I look for a secluded spot and put on the dress. Since the fabric is elastic and fits tightly to the body, the bra and my panties stand out clearly. That looks really stupid. So I take both off without further ado. Then I return to the two.

“Wow!”, Pablo and Tobi remove it at the same time.

“Hammer!”, adds Pablo.

Even Tobi cannot stop being amazed. Both stare at me as if I was an alien.

“This one or none!”, Pablo says.

“I would say so too”, Tobi agrees with him.

“I probably have no say in the matter,” I play the indignant. Then I add conciliatory. “Fortunately I agree with you.”

Chapter 12

Pablo bought me matching the dress also high heels and jewelry. He let my outfit cost him a considerable amount of money. Not with everything I noticed the price. But what I have seen takes my breath away. I would never buy something like that. However, I have to admit that I look incredibly hot without looking cheap. I feel damn comfortable in my outfit.

After a lunch where we talked a lot about our preferences and views, we are on our way back in the late afternoon. The landscape passes us by. I am thoughtful and introspective. What will this evening bring. The question is particularly tormenting whether my colleagues are drawing the right conclusions from what they have heard and whether I will manage to free Anna from the clutches of these beasts in time. Failure is not an option for me. But I also have to ask myself what they have already done to her.

“Do you have an apartment in the city?” Pablo asks. He tears me out of my thoughts.

“Yes, but not for long, if my landlord has his way”

“Why is that?”

“Because I’m behind on the rent and he’d rather rent it to people who can pay more The late rent could be a welcome reason for him to kick me out.”

“Do you even want to live there?”

“What do you mean? Where else am I going to go?”

“You could always move in with me and leave your apartment.”

“You’d do that?”

“Yes, of course!”

I’m thinking it over. What are the consequences if I get involved in this discussion? Probably none. We’ll talk until tonight, but we won’t do anything yet. As far as tonight is concerned, that’s it. Either Pablo’s in jail or I’m blown. Then he won’t want to move in with me anymore. Then I’ll be lucky if I escape with my life.

“You’re sweet”


“Because you show me that you want me around.

“As hot as sex with you is, I don’t want to miss you for one more day,” he says with a dirty grin.

“Just because of the sex?”

“No, not just because of that,” he recedes. He gives me a very amorous look.

“Then I’ll move in with you. Thanks for the offer!”

“Tomorrow we plan to move in.”

“But I’ll still have to pay my landlord the outstanding rent. I have to earn it somehow.

“Just let me worry about that.”

“I can’t be on your back forever. I have to earn my own money.”

“We’ll talk about that tomorrow. I have an idea.”

“What kind of idea?”

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow,” he says.

“Come on, tell me!” I ask him. And I look at him with a pining, loyal dog’s gaze. No one has ever been able to resist that.

“You could give me a hand with the business.”

“Enter middle management, so to speak?” I ask jokingly.

“Something like that,” he grins.

“What would I have to do?”

“You could make sure the “Amore” is on. You could order drinks, supervise the cleaners and later hire them, and you could keep in touch with the customers for the auctions and establish contact with them,” he enumerates. “Could you imagine that.”

“I would have to get used to it. But after a while I could well imagine that I could be of help to you.”

“Then we’ll start familiarizing ourselves right away,” he grins mischievously.

We have arrived at the “Amore”. He has just parked the car and opened the door. It is not difficult to imagine what he means.

“Which room?”, I ask and smile at him.

“I like you like this.”

We go into the house and Pablo leads me straight to the S&M room Apparently this seems to be his favorite room. I put the shopping bags in a corner and look around for Pablo. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me with passion.

“Has a man ever tied you up and then fucked you?”

“Besides you yesterday?”

“When you fucked, you weren’t tied up anymore,” he interjects

“Then no. I wouldn’t have let anyone else do it either.”

“Why not?”

“Because it requires trust. A lot of trust.”

“So I can’t tie you up either?”

“You can.”

“Why me?”

“Because I can trust you.”

“How do you know that?” He looks at me with a wolfish eye.

“After all, I did trust you last night. I was only tied up when you played with the wax on my skin. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m tied up when I fuck.”

“Then get undressed,” he tells me.

I comply with his request. He undresses, too. For a short time he takes longer than me. So I stand with my legs slightly spread and put my hands on the back of my neck. In this way I present him both my breasts and my shame. Pablo takes note of this with obvious benevolence.

He goes to one of the chests of drawers and comes back with a part that is completely foreign to me. It is made of metal, consists of a flat part that connects four curves.

“Lie down on the floor,” he instructs me.

He kneels down in front of my legs and puts my ankles in the outer curves. Only now I realize that the two flat metal bands can be taken apart. They are connected by a hinge on one side. The curves turn out to be semicircles on both sides.

“Put your wrists in here,” he orders me next. He points to the two still free curves in the middle.

In order to reach the iron, I have to straighten my upper body. As soon as the arms are in the openings, he closes the two parts and fixes them with a pin. Now the two parts can only be taken apart when the lock is released. I cannot do this and am completely helpless. To have my hands between my legs is a very unusual position. Pablo puts me on his back and holds his penis in front of my mouth. My legs are sticking up into the air. I feel how my shame is squeezed between my legs in this bent position and yet must be clearly visible.

I willingly take the penis offered to me into my mouth and start sucking on it and pampering it as much as I can in my position. Since my hands are stuck in the iron, I have to be content with exhausting all the possibilities that the mouth offers me. Since Pablo soon starts moaning, I assume that I am not doing it badly.

Caressed by me, his pole begins to rise quickly. Pablo becomes increasingly aroused and soon can’t hold back. He takes his beating away from me, turns me around on my back like a top and greedily rams his device into my pussy. As this is moved together between my legs, his penetration feels even more intense. I feel like he is splitting me in two. But it also feels wonderful and a loud moaning escapes me.

“That’s a good boy,” he says.

Without waiting, he starts to fuck me, hard and deep. Pablo seems to have great desire again, because he fucks me full of inner passion. So it’s no wonder that a little later he gets tense, penetrates deep into my abdomen again and unloads in me. I can clearly feel him pumping his sperm deep into my love channel. Every single thrust I can perceive exactly.

I have not reached the climax. But I am incredibly aroused and therefore highly sensitive. Apparently Pablo deliberately did not let me come. He withdraws from me and smiles at me.

“Now you’ll be horny all evening long after finally being alone with me again,” he opens to me.

“What do you mean?”, I ask.

Desperation sounds in my voice. If I have understood him correctly, he doesn’t want me to continue. Only after the auction will it continue. I should wait forever for my climax, although I was already very close.

“We’ll get dressed now.”

“But I haven’t come yet!”

“After the auction, when we are alone again.”

“You can’t do that!” I protest.

“Yes, I can.”

“How can I get through this?”

“By staring at me all evening. “Everyone will see that you only want one thing. And that of course from me,” he grins meanly. “Man, will the others envy me.”

“And if I grab the next best guy and let him fuck me?”

“You just want to provoke me.”

“And if I do?”

“A horny fuck with me after the event is definitely better than a quickie fuck with someone else.”

“You’re a monster.


“Because you know I’m addicted to your hot cock and don’t like anyone else,” I give in. “You have me in your hand and you know it.”

A mean grin plays around his lips. He is happy with himself and with me. Pablo frees me from my shackles and sends me to the bathroom.

“You’ll find all the make-up you need there

“Have you had this prepared?”

“Of course

“How would you like me to make myself up?”

“Discreet and to match the dress,” he tells me.

Chapter 13

Pablo enters the hall with me on his arm. In half an hour the actual auction is supposed to start. At least that is the program. Slowly, slowly the first guests are already arriving. They are warmly welcomed by Pablo. It is easy to recognize that they know each other in the scene. Partly also the interested parties among themselves. They chat quite animated.

In my little black dress I attract all the looks of the waiting people. To my surprise, four women are also present. Two of them are accompanied by a man. The other two seem to be alone. In addition, according to my estimates, there are about twenty gentlemen in the room.

Both the women and the men are very smartly dressed. Particularly with the women, you can immediately see that they are wearing designer pieces. I get envious looks from the women who are in company. The others look at me without hesitation.

“Are women here to buy too?” I whisper in Pablo’s ear.

“Two of them are. They’re lesbians The other two are here with their husbands. They are looking for a playmate who must serve them both. Either separately or together. There are almost no limits to their imagination.”

We can’t go on talking, because one of the women, who seems to be alone, is coming towards us.

“Hello Pablo, thank you for the invitation”, she greets her.

“You are welcome, Countess”, he answers courteously.

It is quite obvious that she is not interested in him. She makes no secret of the fact that I attract her full attention. She looks at me from top to bottom and doesn’t even hide it. The woman is in her mid-thirties and has a very good figure. Her face looks a bit worn out, but she can still be called a beauty. The countess stretches out her hand to me, which I take hold of.

“I am pleased,” I say well-behaved.

“Is this pretty creature on offer?”, the Countess asks me openly.

“No, Liv is my friend,” Pablo clarifies.

The Countess is about to answer, when one of the security men comes into the room and whispers something into Pablo’s ear.

“The ladies excuse me,” he says with an insecure smile.

Without waiting for a reaction from us, he hurries out the door. I wonder what could have happened that he would leave without saying another word, but it will be something important. Pablo usually keeps calm.

“How old are you?”, the Countess wants to know and tears me out of my thoughts.

“I am 24 years old,” I answer truthfully.

“What would you ask for a night with me?”

“I’m not on offer. I am, as Pablo has already said, his girlfriend.”

“That’s no obstacle yet.”

“Then you must speak to Pablo. I will certainly not do anything behind his back.”

“I’ll talk to him, sweetheart. I will,” she answers confidently.

Unruffled, she puts her hand on my bottom and checks its firmness. For a moment I am uncertain how I should react. This moment is enough for her to take her hand off my bottom and to grab my dress with the other hand from the front. I try to evade, but I can’t make it anymore. She gropes for my pubic area and penetrates with her middle finger as far as possible between my labia.

“You little piglet”, she grins, “Bare cunt under the dress and then also wet. That’s what I call hot.”

“Hello honey”, I hear from behind.

Pablo has returned unnoticed by me. He puts his arm around my waist and pulls me towards him.

“I offer you a million for the little one,” Countess Pablo makes an offer without warning.

My breath stops. This woman makes Pablo serious. She offers a bunch of money and that even though he said I was his girlfriend.

“Five million,” counters Pablo.

Does he really want to sell me? Is he getting into the deal? I look at him with big eyes But he smiles calmly. His gaze is directed at the countess. There’s something lurking about him. From his face, I cannot understand whether he is serious.

“You’re crazy,” says the Countess.

“I told you she’s my friend.”

“But five million, that’s a hell of a lot of money,” she counters. “No slave has ever achieved that.”

“But you won’t get an ordinary slave and a beauty on top of that.”

The Countess thinks. And she looks at me again. There is greed and desire in her gaze, as I have seldom seen.

“May I?” she asks.

She hints as if she wanted to touch my breasts. Apparently she wants to check the merchandise first. At this point at the latest, I really feel like an object to be bargained for. This is exactly how the negotiation for a cow could go.

“Go ahead,” Pablo calmly gives his consent.

The Countess smiles contentedly. She evaluates his agreement as his will to negotiate. The woman grabs my right breast unabashedly and massages it with relish. She doesn’t seem to care that some of the waiting people are standing around watching us. They have become aware of the scene and follow the negotiation with interest. Since the Countess is concentrating on my bust, Pablo can wink at me unnoticed by her and thus show that he is not serious after all. It takes a load off my mind. But why does he get involved in the trial at all?

“The little one is a really hot sweeper,” says the Countess thoughtfully. Then her gaze becomes more determined and she extends her hand to Pablo. “Agreed! Five million.”

A delighted smile plays around her lips. She wants me very much. She’s already sure she can have me. I, on the other hand, can hardly believe that she is actually willing to pay such an immense sum for me.

“My dear countess, I told you Liv is my friend,” Pablo answers calmly. “I won’t give her away for any money in the world.”

“But they have made me an offer,” she angrily approaches him.

“I was only interested in how far they would go,” he replies. “But today we have some very interesting and very pretty girls.”

Without a greeting the countess turns around. For a moment she seems to consider whether she should leave the event. But then she decides to stay and sits down in the first row.

“Wow, five million,” I am amazed.

“She’s got a crush on you.”

“Just like you,” I breathe seductively and kiss him.

“Like me,” he confirms, as I break away from him after a while.

“The Countess couldn’t give me a fuck as beautiful as you.”

“Probably not.”

“How long will the auction last?”


“Because I can hardly wait for the end.”

“Are you that horny to feel my cock?”

“Much hornier.”

“This is good,” he says. “I suppose the Countess felt the same tension in you.”

“Are there any problems?”, I inquire. That changes the subject.

“The outside cameras have failed. “One by one. “This is causing the security guards some concern.”

“A technical problem?”

“It could be the wiring. They suspect that a mouse has taken up residence there. It looks like a rodent has tampered with the wiring. In the old walls, you can never rule out the possibility that such creatures might not be roaming around.”

“Then I am reassured,” I answer. “Have the girls arrived yet?”

“They are waiting backstage. I think the Countess will get her money’s worth after all.”

“Are there any hotties?”

“Not as hot as you, but hot enough.”

I’m reassured. The failure of the outside cameras makes me hope that my people have checked that they have to access tonight. By the time Pablo explained to me in the morning what kind of event it was, even the dumbest person would have understood that today is the right time to close the bag. I assume that at this moment a SEK team is taking position somewhere nearby.

But I am also reassured because I now know that the girls are here and that my sister is probably with them. I send a quick prayer to heaven that everything will go well.

“May I ask you to sit down,” Pablo says to those present. “We will begin.”

He assigned me a seat in the first row and climbed onto the small stage himself. Those guests who have not yet sat down and some are still talking to each other ended the discussions and went to their seats. The Countess sits only two chairs away from me and keeps giving me a greedy look. She has obviously not yet completely lost interest in me.

“We have three extremely pretty girls on offer today and I am sure they will like them,” Pablo announces.

As if on cue, three men lead three young women through a side entrance into the room and up onto the stage. The young women all wear a white tunic that reaches to their ankles and covers the body completely. The tunic hides the bodies, but suggests a little bit that a slim female body is hidden under it.

The girls all wear a collar with a leash hooked into it, which is used to guide them. While the other two are obediently trotting behind their guard, the third one is always putting up some resistance, but follows the man onto the stage, because he pulls the collar a bit rough. It is of course my sister. She always had a tendency not to want to subordinate herself.

Even though I had thought I was prepared for this moment of meeting, my heart stops beating a few times. I have a thick lump in my throat.

Anna does not seem to discover me among the spectators. Even when the three girls stand on stage and look into the audience, she doesn’t notice anything. Either she has such a good grip on herself or the spotlights blind her so much that she can’t really recognize me.

“Let’s start with Sabrina,” Pablo continues.

He lets one of the girls give him the leash and pulls her to the edge of the stage. Both of them are standing in the cone of a spotlight and are clearly visible. He bends down, takes the hem of the tunic and pulls it up and over his head. Underneath, the naked girl’s body appears.

“Sabrina is 19 years young and extremely pretty,” he announces.

“Are you allowed to look at her up close,” shouts a man from the audience.

“Look already, don’t touch,” Pablo determines.

Everyone in the audience stands up and forms a queue to take a closer look at the poor girl. Pablo has to intervene once, because one of the gentlemen actually touches her bottom and wants to test the firmness of her cheeks. It must be incredibly humiliating for the young woman to be stared at and scrutinized by everyone at close range. She tries to endure it with a stoic face and a look directed to the ceiling.

Suddenly she squeals. An older man crouched down in front of her and pressed his mouth on her shame.

“She tastes sensational,” he announces.

“Mr. Baum, one more action like that and you won’t be invited again in the future,” Pablo rebukes him. But all he reaps in return is a tired smile. Mr. Baum has obviously reached his goal and is satisfied.

“200,000 euros,” he counters with an offer.

“220,000,” replies the second woman, who is not accompanied.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would suggest that you sit down first. There’s no hurry,” suggests Pablo.

“250,000 euros,” Mr. Baum ignores Pablo’s suggestion.

“I only accept bids when everyone is in their place,” Pablo admonishes the audience.

His voice shows that he is determined and he can assert himself with it. Everyone returns to their places. Even if Mr. Baum grumbles, he too retreats.

“Then let us begin,” Pablo continues as everyone is sitting. “We will start with an exclamation mark of 300,000 euros.”

“Fine by me,” says Baum. „300.000″

This is the start of bidding. At first the bidding starts rapidly and comes blow by blow. But from half a million they just trickle down and the auction gets longer and longer. But the bid amount slowly, slowly spirals upwards and reaches 590,000 euros.

“Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that we only have three objects today,” Pablo admonishes the audience. “Not everyone can hope for Anna, our pearl today.”

My sister’s face becomes visibly red. Her attention is more al embarrassing.

“We are at 590,000 euros,” Pablo reminds the audience.

But none of those present wants to make a higher bid. He looks around nervously. Apparently he expected more. Suddenly you hear voices and noise. The noises must be coming from outside and attract the attention of those present by watching. Suddenly the door to the hall and the side door are ripped open and a complete SEK team in full gear storms the hall. At the entrances, two heavily armed officers are setting up. Any fool can understand that there is no escape. After all, that is the goal of this action. Resistance should be nipped in the bud if possible.

The guests are completely irritated and do not understand what is going on. Pablo on the other hand seems to grasp the situation immediately. He jumps off the stage, comes towards me and grabs my hand.

“Come!”, he shouts to me. He pulls me up from my chair and drags me behind him.

“Liv! You here?”, I suddenly hear Anna calling. She must have recognized me in the turmoil. Probably she is no longer dazzled by the headlights, because she was pushed a little to the side.

Pablo doesn’t seem to perceive this interjection in the general turmoil, he is in escape mode and only concentrates on getting away. However, I don’t understand what he is up to. The entrances are blocked and I can’t make out another door. The escape route is blocked. But Pablo storms towards the wall behind the stage, pulls a curtain to the side and thus uncovers a hidden door. He wants to grab the handle and is thus very close to freedom. Apparently his colleagues have forgotten this door and have not secured it.

I react immediately. I bump into him and press him against the door, which he cannot open because it opens into the room.

“Stop, police!” I call out. “Pablo, you’re under arrest.”

The man I am talking to turns around. His eyes are wide open as if he were seeing a ghost. He’s paralysed I can twist his arm on his back without resistance. An official who hastened to the scene hands me the handcuffs, which I can put on him and then hand him over.

“You’re a cop bitch?” he protests in disbelief as he is taken away.

Apparently, he gradually awakens from his state of shock. He tries to break away from the officer who leads him to the exit and wants to come here. But tied up, he has no chance. In the gaze that he still throws at me, boundless disappointment can be seen.

I do not care. I no longer listen and turn to my sister. She stands on stage insecure. Exactly as she was placed at the beginning of the event, only a little pushed to the side. She doesn’t seem to fully understand what is going on. I step up to her and take her in my arms. She is a little stiff at first, as if she is taking someone in her arms from whom she would not expect it. But then she wraps her arms around me. She buries her head in the bend of my neck and I feel it getting wet. Anna cries softly to herself. At first it is a quiet and calm crying, but it becomes more and more violent and finally turns into a liberating sobbing.

“Thank you,” she says very quietly. “I thought already …”. Then her voice breaks.

Chapter 14

I sit in the park of the JVA Stadelheim, where the guards spend their breaks. Normally visitors are not allowed in this part of the prison, and inmates certainly not. I have a special permit. I sit on one of the park benches and wait for the guards to bring Pablo.

The action about three weeks ago was a complete success. Pablo’s entire organization was smashed. The public prosecutor’s office brought charges against Pablo and his helpers, but also against the potential buyers and the actual buyers of former girls. Fortunately, Pablo kept accurate records. Even though his records were encrypted, our experts were able to decipher the code. This made it easy to trace all transactions. Police officers in 21 countries have freed girls from their martyrdom. The accused are now waiting for their trial in Germany and in the respective countries. Pablo is incarcerated in the high-security wing.

In the media, the blow against organized human trafficking was celebrated as a great success. The Minister of the Interior and the police chief were able to wallow in public praise for days. I, on the other hand, only received one award, and even that was relatively unspectacular. The public did not notice any of it. But, to be honest, I was quite happy about it. However, I was told that I had one wish free. Probably they thought of special vacation or something similar. When I asked for an undisturbed meeting with Pablo, they didn’t want to grant me this at first. Only the Minister of the Interior finally agreed after a lot of coaxing.

I have not seen Pablo since his arrest. Since I had to testify in court as a witness, I was withdrawn from the investigation. Nevertheless, I really wanted to talk to him again. I felt the need to explain to him how everything went.

I look forward to our meeting with mixed feelings. I have no idea how he will react. I stare with excitement at the door through which he is about to be led into the park. It is a beautiful, sunny day. I dressed casually. Over a white t-shirt and jeans I wear my favorite leather jacket. While waiting, I keep asking myself the question that many have asked me in the last few days, why I want to see Pablo again at all. The wish arises from a feeling and not from a consideration.

When the door opens, Pablo steps outside and looks around in surprise. When he sees me, he hesitates for a moment. I am worried, he doesn’t want to see me at all and immediately turns back. But then he comes towards me with cautious steps. I get up from the bench, but do not go towards him. Even my coming is enough of a gesture. Pablo stops close in front of me and looks at me hostilely.

“What do you want, cop?”, he wants to know. He literally spits the words at me.

“To see you.”

“See me?” he replies mockingly “Now you’ve seen me, you can go.”

“You are angry with me, I understand,” I say.

“Of course I’m angry,” he hisses at me. “Very much so.”

“You know Anna is my sister?”

“Which Anna?”, he inquires irritated.

“That night, you wanted to auction off three young women. The last one you called a pearl is called Anna.”

“This is your sister? Shit!”

“I had only one goal, to save my sister.”

“I understand that,” Pablo replies remarkably gently “Then you were just pretending.”

He sits on the bench The anger he has openly shown me so far seems to haunt him. I also sit down and take his hand. Irritated, he lets it happen.

“It was not all an act. To me you were a wonderful man and if we had met under different circumstances … “, I say and take a break. “…who knows.”

“Why didn’t you give me a chance?”

“Would it have made any sense?” I ask. “Besides, I would have endangered the action and the life of my sister.”

“But it was a complete success.

“Not entirely,” I confess.

“Why not completely?”, he asks in surprise.

“I found the documents in your office. “Fortunately, you are a tidy person and have documented every sale.”

“Oh damn!” he says. “I didn’t think you’d catch on to me.”

“And thanks to your bookkeeping, we were able to investigate and free all the young women,” I tell him. “Except one.”

“Except one?”

“You sold a Simone to Italy two years ago. She must have gone through hell with that man. She couldn’t stand it any longer and took her own life. This young woman is on your conscience. You stole her future,” I say sadly. “For me it makes no difference whether you killed her with your hands or whether you drove her to suicide.

Without another word, I get up and leave. I feel his look in my back. I can feel it exactly. I have actually developed feelings for him. But he is a monster.

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