Kneel before him for the first time

Since I invented this story myself, I claim all rights of distribution and reproduction.

All persons who appear in this story are fictitious and guaranteed to be of age.

It is nothing special. Just a little story to inspire your own fantasies! Have fun reading and…

My first sexual experiences were with a good buddy. We jerked off together, wagged each other off the palm tree and rubbed our cocks together until it came to us.

Once he asked me if I would lick up my cum and put it in my mouth. I told him that I would do this more often and that I would like to have my cum in my mouth. He said that he did not yet dare to put his cum in his mouth. I then suggested that he could jerk off in my hand and I would then try his cum.

We then cycled to a remote, small clearing in the woods where we had met several times before to jerk off. It was during the summer vacations and it was still in the morning when we walked through the high ferns to the clearing where there was still dew in the high grass.

My friend pulled down his gym shorts and took his still limp dick in his hand. I stood in front of him and held my flat hand under his glans. He started jerking his cock but somehow he didn’t really get in the mood and his cock just started to swell slightly.

After a few minutes I took off my t-shirt and pulled down my racing bike pants. I bent down and quickly took off my shoes and socks and threw everything with my pants next to me into the grass.

“Maybe it will be better this way.”

My buddy nodded and started jerking off again. Now he was slowly getting horny and his cock was slowly swelling up. My arm slowly hurt because it became uncomfortable to always put your hand under his glans. I got down on my knees in front of him and took his cock in my hand.

“Let me try.”

I started jerking his cock and my buddy watched me.

“Yes, that feels good! Go on!”

I took his cock firmly in my hand and massaged his shaft.

He slowly got hard. For the first time his glans came out from under his foreskin and for the first time I had it right in front of my nose. This sight and the situation I was in made me totally horny. Without thinking, I stuck out my tongue and licked his glans.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m licking your dick” I said a bit sheepishly because I was startled by his sudden question.

“Do you like it?” I asked apologetically.

“Mmm. Go ahead.”

That was all he said. I took his now slightly flaccid shaft firmly in my hand and jerked it slightly with slow movements. Then I lifted him up and licked over the underside of his limb until I reached his glans again. He inhaled sharply.

I became more curious and courageous. I now licked over his testicles and rocked his balls slightly. He grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head. I let go of his limb. His glans fell on my still sticking out tongue. I licked over the underside of his glans and over his ligament. Then I reached with both hands for his gym shorts that were hanging from his ankles. He understood what I wanted and stepped out of his pants. I threw them aside.

I was more excited than ever before. I knelt in a clearing in the woods in front of my buddy and stared at his semi-rigid cock. I was naked and my member was also semi-rigid. My buddy stood naked in front of me and his limb was rocking back and forth right in front of me.

I took him back in my hand and lifted him up. I licked the opening of his urethra and played with the tip of my tongue around it.

His excitement grew and he began to push your pelvis forward in very light, barely visible thrusts. I liked that. I liked to experience his growing arousal so directly. I wanted to feel him even more. My lips opened and my mouth moved towards his lap. His glans touched my lips. My hand gripped tightly around the root of his tail and I licked his glans. His thrusts became stronger and he began to moan softly.

His glans slid along my lips and he slowly entered my mouth. I let him penetrate. I had never experienced anything so horny and I had never felt such an unbridled desire for more.

I closed my lips around his glans and moved my head forward. Now he was right in my mouth! I played with my tongue on his ligament and pressed it against his glans and shaft. At the same time I started to jerk off his shaft with my hand very lightly. My senses slowly disappeared. I no longer perceived anything around me. There was only his cock in my horny mouth.

He moaned louder and louder and his beating became hard as a rock! Then he put his hands on my head and pulled me close to him. At the same time I felt his hard strap filling my mouth and starting to twitch.

In the next moment I heard a loud and long “Ooooooohhhhhhhh!” and a big gush of his hot cum splashed into my mouth.

We were both so startled that we paused for a moment and I let it slide back a little until I had its oak trees between my lips again, when a second gush of organic milk poured into my mouth.

It tasted different from my sperm, but also very good and so I had no problem swallowing his salty and abundant gift. His limb slipped completely out of my mouth and his third and fourth gush hit my face.

When I was breathing again, I took his cock and rubbed the cum on my face before I licked his cock clean.

We enjoyed each other for many years, until our paths eventually parted.

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