Pride and atonement

Her name is Kornelia, and her friends want to call her Konni. She has a self-confident, aloof nature. She does not like people who give her advice. If you want to see her inviting smile, you should be above average charming; in general, she only gives short, piercing glances from her cool blue eyes; she can’t stay long, because after all she is committed to her little son and music; she has been playing the viola since early childhood.

Most of Kornelia is long: her arms, her legs, her fingers, her head, her nose… Her thirty-year-old body hardly indicates that she became a mother a few years ago. Konni likes the fact that her breasts are the only remnant that has become a little thicker. Her face is actually not pretty in the classic sense. It gets a certain roughness from the slightly bumpy nose, the big mouth and the slightly pasty complexion.

Kornelia is not explicitly aiming for a lascivious appearance, but she does take advantage of some of her attractive attributes. She knows, for example, that her apple ass (together with her Pinocchio legs) breaks all records and for this reason she wears tight jeans or high heels quite calculatingly… well… and that therefore insensitive, horny men run after her again and again, can’t be avoided – let them! Their problem! Hmm… the photos on the internet are probably covered by some stupid people every day, she thinks sometimes.

Recently, it was time to break up again. She dumped this nouveau riche guy; in the end, all that mattered to him was to use her. But it had started out beautifully. He often came to her for rehearsals, invited her to dinner, could talk great and didn’t smell too bad. Gave her nice clothes, drove several cars… the whole package. After a few tighter hugs he almost had her to the point where she wanted to feel him. No! Absolutely not possible. No! He is 15 years older than me and has a wife at home… No, actually I can’t stand his sucking up! Then came more presents and his promises that she was his big new start… at some point she had believed it after all. Oh hell! What was I? A dreamy girl! The whole story dishonored me a little bit. But luckily he didn’t get everything he wanted. Kornelia hadn’t dropped one of her principles with him either: Never anal sex! The fact that she had blown him, that he had even come in her mouth a few times, that had certainly not happened because of her passion, it had been necessary to maintain the relationship, and she had been able to live with this sacrifice despite her vanity. Just keep his fingers on her rosette! That phallic cretin!

She drives down the street in her little bright red car, parks. She delivered her little boy to the kindergarten. Now she gets out. Her shoulder-length ash-blond hair is easy prey for the autumn wind.

There he stands behind her, she already recognizes him by this unmistakable scent, can perceive his closeness through her skin. She stiffens internally, her whole body tense up, she breathes deeply and turns to him. “What more do you want,” she drives at him perhaps a little too harshly, haughty rejection flashes from her eyes. Apparently completely unimpressed by this, he smiles at her, with an inexplicable expression of superiority, and looks at her with his eyes, bold but pleasing. “I still have a present for you in my car, I thought you might like it, in memory of the old times”. Two souls fighting in her breast. She is tired of this guy, happy to be rid of him – even if the affair with her had cost him his marriage. On the other hand, he has always proved to be quite generous in the past, she still hangs on that beautiful bauble, she can’t get enough of it. And at the moment she is still quite clammy, so completely without his donations… Greed prevails, she can still send him away, and so she grants him a condescending “Well, if you think so…”, and follows him demonstratively bored to his car.

To her amazement, he gets in on the driver’s side and taps the passenger seat with one hand invitingly. She hadn’t expected it, she doesn’t want to get into the car, but there it is: a small package, it irritates her and magically attracts her, she can’t resist it, so she takes a somewhat too capricious seat next to him. “Well, won’t you look and see what I have nice things for you,” he asks her to reveal the surprise, and she nestles nervously around the little bow with her shapely fingers with her accurately red painted nails, finally unzips the package and drives back in shock. There are two somewhat rough ropes in it and some photos. “What’s this nonsense about,” she raises her voice somewhat hysterically against him, but he again looks her in the eyes quite calmly and asks her to devote her inclined gaze to the enclosed photos in a little more detail. In fact, these show only her, in a quite unambiguous situation, his cock clearly recognizable in her mouth, the juice runs out of the corners of her mouth, and she looks up at him. Only he cannot be recognized in the pictures. “I can of course also lose the pictures by chance in front of the kindergarten…”, he says smugly, “before she can start to curse him, “or you will accompany me now in a nice and well-behaved way and give me some joy…”, and leaves without waiting for the answer.

She wants to buckle up and cross her legs, but he tells her not to do either and to spread her thighs a bit while driving. Reluctantly, centimeter by centimeter, she opens her legs wider and wider, the time seems endless to her, while he drives purposefully into a forest, no problem with the robust off-road vehicle, and finally stops at the edge of a clearing, gets out and opens the passenger door. He takes her by the wrist, pulls her out of the car and asks her to take the two ropes with her, she should have something of her present after all.

Then he leans her belly against the hood, and with great pleasure he strokes her hair, she struggles, but he does not let her, she is in his hand, and she knows it, his hands slowly caress her neck, open her white blouse, who has stretched a little too tightly over her bulging breasts, open the black bra underneath, strip it off her body and, unmoved by the tears of anger that rise up inside her, play almost tenderly around her breasts, nudge her nipples that contract ever harder. He watches with satisfaction as her breasts are lifted as if they had never needed a bra, and as they sway under her increasingly heavy breath. And with a slight horror, she too notices that this situation is very arousing for her, completely against her will.

She ponders for a moment, he presses her powerfully against the jeep. “Robert, I’m going to count to three now, and if you don’t stop this shit right now, I’m going to scream,” it comes over her lips, gasping. Again and again Kornelia writhes and makes the situation more piquant, because her ass cheeks offer a welcome rubbing surface for Robert’s proud privates. His lout is now almost fully erect. Instead of responding to this threat, which – and even Konni knew this before she had finished speaking – was little more than a reflex, he now kneads both tits with his right hand extensively, squeezes them together. His left first takes an ass cheek into custody, then scribbles a few ciphered signs on her belly, then suddenly reaches randomly into her hair and pulls it back with a jerk. He sings into her ear: “You wanted to move in with me once, hmm?” More wheezing from Konni than she feels a hand closing around her larynx and neck. He strikes a stricter tone: “… and then YOU have to get out of here, just because I didn’t shower after a hooker once and then suddenly your fucking cunt feelings were hurt. There were nauseating noises in Kornelia’s head as she recalled the story. “Like that’s the only one I ever let get close to me while I was with you…” Smoothly, he falls back into singing. „… There have been others who might have made Uncle Robert a nice boner and licked him clean afterwards… like your colleague Andrea, for example. He warbles the name like good news, and Konni, whose cheeks are now decorated in a gutter-like manner with liquefied kohl, twitches briefly, but then loses all body tension and hides his head sobbing on the hood. Robert bends over them. His limb is rock hard. The grabbing around on this model body, in connection with his position of power, has awakened all manhood. “Just wait, now I’m moving in with YOU,” he murmurs near her ear. Then he pulls on her chewing muscle.

With his thumb and middle finger he kneads between her upper and lower jaw, so that she has to open her mouth in an O-shape. How she hates this, it is so humiliating, and he knows it so well. His right hand now also lets go of her tits, moves to the waistband of her jeans, opens the button and zipper and squeezes over her flat belly along the hill of her shame, dividing her wet pink flesh between her lips through to her still hidden pleasure bead, lets his strong middle finger circle on it and dances until she involuntarily reveals more and more of it, opens against her will and stretches towards him. “What a dirty little sow you are. You’ll get wet if you only suspect that my cock is about to fuck you…”, Robert grabs her by her hair and turns her around so that she has to look him in the grinning face.

“So, and now take your clothes off slowly for me, you like doing that so much. And when you kneel down nicely and well-behaved, I’m sure you’ll be allowed to lick my nice hot rod as well. Konni hates to undress for him, as if she needed it! She is definitely the last one who has to offer herself to a man. She could have anyone if she wanted! Disgusted, she grits her teeth anyway and also follows the instruction to put on a friendly, no, a lascivious face. Following a cheap melody in her ear, she peels herself out of her tight clothes as rhythmically moving as possible, much too insecure in her high heels on the uneven soft forest floor. At the command she takes her middle finger in her mouth and sucks on it, while her ex watches the whole procedure with an expression of condescending satisfaction and wanks his stand, which has grown to an impressive size, with relish. When Konni arrives at her black-lacquered pumps after what seems to be an endless time, Robert says with a touch of sarcasm: “You can leave them on, you’re standing on them with such confidence” … “And now come here and get your reward!”

He pushes them down on his knees, enjoys the view from above down on the smudged, hot and otherwise cool face and on these wonderful tits, the tips of which get caught in the scratchy hair of his legs. Konni looks up at him, which he acknowledges with a “What are you waiting for, bitch? Tentatively, she approaches his powerful device with her lips until he loses patience, grabs her head with both hands and thrusts his steel-hard beating into her mouth so hard that she can hardly repel him. Unwillingly she presses her lips firmly against the plunger in her mouth, tries to slow him down, but he bores himself deeper and deeper into her throat. A violent gag reflex overcomes her, which she can only suppress with difficulty. Her eyes fill with water again while this guy fucks her mouth so relentlessly that saliva runs out of the corners of her mouth.

With her hands she grabs his legs and tries to push him away, whereupon he pulls her up ungentle and presses her back against the car again. “There’s no point in your stupid fidgeting,” he attacks her harshly and grabs the two ropes. “It’s about time you learned how to control yourself.”

That morning, Mr. Müller is out and about in the forest. Now in autumn he likes to go mushrooming, just like his father once did. And Mr. Müller has often been here with his own son in this matter. The little one is quite versatile. Musically talented, he has been learning the viola for a good 2 years. Yesterday, Mr. Müller picked him up from his lessons with this WILL teacher. I have to go in there now, Mr. Müller always thinks, when he’s actually still 5 minutes ahead of time. He’s usually standing in the corner, just absorbing the sight of her… Yesterday she once again rummaged in her bag and held her pornographic ass in his direction. Why does she do that?! … Oh man, how hot would that be, if he would send Benni ahead, exchanging a furtive look with her… and then he would get his hands on her and off we go… Or… or just come to her despite his son’s indisposition. “Hello, today I want to show YOU something, there is a new finger technique!” Mr. Müller sighs… Hach! We are far from that! She just stretches her bottom towards me, and then it’s goodbye… This bitter orange doesn’t even respond in the slightest to my compliments, this damned goose!

As he is picking two chestnuts from the forest floor, he hears a big car approaching; it stops at about 20 meters. Mr. Müller appreciates the natural tranquility of the forest and is considering whether to confront this troublemaker. But when he sees that a beautiful young woman is now getting out of the car – or rather, being forced to get out – he pauses and prefers to seek care – behind a nearby tree. Hm! A very, very beautiful woman………. yes, but… a-….. but THIS IS YES………..!!

Meanwhile Robert presses his victim against the car with an iron hand. “And now I’m going to pack my own present”, he whispers in the face of the completely stunned Konni. “You’re crazy,” she drives at him, apparently still not quite aware of the hopelessness of her situation, but her ex brutally grabs her by the wrist and without hesitation grabs the first rope. “He can’t do that, he just can’t do that,” it circles wildly in the little blonde head, and she painfully tries to twist and turn her hand out of his firm grip. “Let go of me, you damned pig,” is answered with a strong slap in the face, which shocks her so much that she cannot even cry out. She almost hyperventilates, her framework of pride and control collapses so rapidly, like a house of cards. For a moment she is no longer able to resist in any way, and so Robert can easily tie the rope around her delicate wrist and fix it to her thigh. The rope is knotted on the outside to allow free access between her thighs. On the other side it works the same way. What a sight: As if she were standing at attention, her hand at the trouser seam – only that she is completely naked, unprotected and exposed, except for her shoes! Slowly Konni awakens from the lethargy of the shock that the first slap of her life gave her, and realizes her miserable degrading situation. She tugs at the ropes with both hands, which is of no use to her at all, and cries out in complete disbelief to the man to whom she used to be only too happy to give herself, “Put that away! But her tormentor grabs her by the chin, kicks her legs apart a little, and… his action breaks off immediately when he hears branches cracking from the forest.

“Look, my little whore seems to have a secret admirer,” Robert whispers into the ear of his helpless victim and turns her head and her gaze precisely at Herr Müller, who could not hold on and had come a little too close to the goings-on.

Konni pervades it like lightning: “No! No! I know him, from somewhere. From where? No! This is one of those fathers, yes, exactly, of this Benni, this stupid kid! What’s his name? What’s his name? Müller, exactly, Müller! Does he have a first name? Shit, I don’t know him. Doesn’t matter. Yes. This nasty guy sneaks up on me, all the time, and almost undresses me with his horny looks, perverted peeping Tom! It’s been getting on my nerves all this time with his ridiculous, clumsy compliments, sycophant! Fuck off! Did I also have to turn my back on him all the time and even put my ass on the line to provoke him? This must be a nightmare, it can’t be true! He can’t, he mustn’t see me like this. What is he doing here anyway? Maybe, maybe he will help me get out of here, he has to, somehow. But – the pictures… I CANNOT LEAVE HERE!” It’s as if for a short moment she gets black before her eyes, as if her legs get weak.

“And, are you tired of looking at it, or would you like a piece of the cake for the gentleman? You don’t get a treat like that served on a golden plate every day, do you?” Robert offers the poor girl, who suddenly seems to lose her strength and composure completely, pulls her away from the carriage and turns her around for a moment before the eyes of the guest, for his pleasing observation. She almost stumbles, so weak on her legs, on the high sticks and her hands so tightly bound. “But, if the gentleman has nothing against it, our little piece of pleasure can really get him going”. So she says and forces the girl to her knees again, which she can’t balance at all. She falls on the wet ground covered with leaves and is pulled up again by Robert by her hair. Müller seems confused, the situation seems so surreal, and actually: Shouldn’t he help the young woman? Goat or not… On the other hand: What did she provoke him! She did it on purpose! Let her see now what she gets out of it! How small she looks now, the fine lady, now she doesn’t carry her nose so high anymore! Looking up at him as if she wanted to beg him for something! It is released for use, and for him, he can have it, and nothing at all can she do about it! Hesitantly, still a little uncertain, he opens his trousers, but then grabs Konnis’ head with some determination and puts her mouth over his only half-stiff tail. She could spit! Not him! He should go! This thing in her mouth! Not even really hard, it fits! “And you better make a real effort, otherwise you’re not squeamish either,” commands Robert, who is kneeling on the ground, and while the unexpected newcomer comes to amazing strength and size, noticeably and with recognizably slowly seeming a little cruel joy, he sits down behind his prey on the lower legs, kneads her plump tits this time even harder than before, pinches and twists her nipples and rubs his huge boner between her round ass cheeks. “And don’t forget again to suck his balls nice!” Now what? No, she did not hear that! And from both sides, it’s too much! While one of them keeps pushing his cock deeper and deeper into Konni’s mouth, the other one grabs his proud lance and pushes it between her thighs, rubbing between her wet lips so that the juices don’t just run together in her mouth anymore. Konni gives up all body tension, lets herself fall into the power of the two men as if powerless, and helplessly realizes that her buds of lust are tightly contracted between the fingers of her ex and the hard cock between her thighs gives her more and more lust. Almost, almost she would have escaped from deepest abysses “Come, fuck me now” …

“Oh man, you horny sow,” grunts Robert, laments her gaunt tits and fingers her rough inside; he has placed his thumb on her anus. “That’s when you really get going, eh?” She wants to shout something spontaneously to him like “I hate you! But she is prevented from speaking by the foreign body part that has apparently found a comfortable home in her throat. Such an answer would probably no longer be completely honest at the moment, because in the meantime the constant fiddling has made her in heat, just like the completely new situation of being at the mercy of others. So Robert actually only gets to hear a mixture of short Äahs and Nngs, interspersed with vomiting noises. She chokes again – reflex-like her incisors snap at her tail head. Konni is surprised, because now IT DOES IT YOUR SADDEN! The guy there, the miller, should not stop! He should be horny. She tells him: “Go on, keep going! The slime drips from her nose, gets caught in his clipped hair… He pants. His plan now is to shut this goose up thoroughly, and so he forces her skull again and again to the point where HE HAS HER, where it can’t go any deeper, where he can fully enjoy the pleasant, slippery warmth around the shaft and head… And then this sight! The sight of a submissive who has always been disparaging towards him!

She has to open her jaw wide to be able to receive the butt. Now she puts her spongy lips – exemplary – over the skin of her tail, and she looks up to him with a determined look… Ha! Her mop of hair can be packed really well! Works like a sex toy………….. Ouch! What did she say? I should go on?! Here you go, here comes my strap…….. right in your face! “In with it…….you son of a bitch… Cheap hooker! ………KEEP STILL!!! ……..I fuck you something away……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… give me the shithole!” …. Alright, 2 seconds of breath must be in it….

“You didn’t listen properly earlier, did you?”, Müller reflects, the 2 seconds have cooled him down a bit as well. “You should suck my balls nicely, your friend told you. Or do you need some tutoring for that?” Disgusted, her face contracts — as if she had to suck a lemon. She doesn’t like that at all, and even less so. But Robert gives her a firm slap on the ass from behind, “Say, can you still not hear?”, and again she submits to the superiority, bends over a little, always trying not to fall over, sticks her tongue out of her soft mouth and begins carefully, only reluctantly, to play around this miller’s well-filled tight sack. She circles it from all sides, whatever she is supposed to do, slowly finds almost some pleasure in it, puts her lips over it, takes it all the way into her mouth, sucks on it, releases it, and then lets her tongue wander almost boisterously along the perineum of this man and back again, sucks the heavy balls again, licks the hot rod up again, in order to make Müller’s plump glans disappear between her lips once more. Let’s see who gets weak here…

Suddenly Kornelia gets a hot shower. Robert has driven his sword into her pussy as far as it will go and holds her pelvis pressed against his while he lets his head play inside. She wants to lift her arms, but the ropes leave no room for maneuver. Robert bursts into her cunt’s throat 5-6 times staccato-like, then suddenly he stands up and strikes her alternately on both ass cheeks with his flat hand. With the other hand he grabs a tit and presses as hard as he can. “Come on, you take the other one,” he gurgles and continues to slap her backside. Müller doesn’t let himself be asked long and grabs the second fruit. As his fingers close around the soft flesh, he realizes once again that this young woman here is simply at the mercy of the others, this everywhere desired one with all her curves, with all her promising openings and and and and….. The other guy there seems to have no inhibitions at all! How did he make her so horny? A gush of fresh cunt scent rises to him. “Thanks for the preparation!” he cheers. “Let me fuck in there too, will you?” Pulls it out of his neck with a plop, bends down, says “thank you” and spits frontally into the fuck face.

“Ew”, that’s disgusting! Reflex-like Konni’s right hand shrugs to slap the guy, but already the cuff pulls on her joint and holds her back unyieldingly. And what does that mean: “fuck in” — who is she? A hole on two legs? Wait, if I get out of here, then… Yeah, then what? Her tinge of agitation and resistance collapses again…

“Okay, if you want, then let the little sow taste her cunt juice,” Robert says goodbye from his seat with another big slap on Konni’s ass and takes Müller’s, pulls his victim to him by the hair and wants to shove the wet, shiny tail into her mouth. But she presses her lips together, doesn’t want to, receives the second resounding slap in her life, yet opens her mouth in shock and horror and has the thing already inside. She could howl with disgust, shame, and despair. Doesn’t that ever stop? And how it tastes! Sweet, salty, musty, all at once, like oysters probably, slippery and slippery. And already the guy pokes his lance mercilessly so deep into her throat that she has to choke again immediately. But there is no room left for anything to come up inside her, she is completely filled up with cock, can hardly breathe through her nose, struggles for air and for composure.

Meanwhile, the second one has come up to her from behind and slams her with his flat hand so hard on an ass cheek that she almost suffocates on the butt in her mouth. For a moment Müller seems to think it over, but then he turns to Robert with a grin: “Is that bitch’s ass really still a virgin? Like lightning the helpless woman goes through a shock. WHAT’S THAT ALL ABOUT? No, she would not allow that, now it’s over here, for good. She fidgets as best she can, panic rises up inside her, but her ex holds her captive by her shoulder and hair, and she can’t even shout out her protest with her mouth full. The two guys negotiate quite openly about her, she herself is not even addressed. “Well, actually I wanted to grant myself the privilege to celebrate the day, but you know what: I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it to you.” What? What? HE GIVES IT TO YOU? She twists and turns her backside, but Müller grabs it powerfully with both hands, for a long time she cannot escape his firm grip, too quickly she loses the last of her strength, can no longer rebel. “Well, let’s go,” Müller spits on her fingers and rubs Konnis rosette with his slimy saliva. His middle finger bores something into her, even that hurts, she only closes her eyes and cramps up as best she can. HE SHOULD NOT GET IN THERE! Undeterred, however, the guy already puts on his tail tip and presses it firmly against the tightly closed, still innocent hole. A very little he can only penetrate into it, insurmountable seems to be the defense against this last desecration and against the expected pain.

“Give the sow a good go at the clitoris, then she will relax again,” Konni Robert’s voice hears gloatingly, and as if from afar it lets it collapse inside itself.

“Difficult, difficult, the whole thing…” But Müller already has an interim solution ready. I just try the wet hole… — His dong is still hard and bulging since the beginning of the fuck. Well wait, I’ll skewer you! He claws both paws in Kornelia’s waist, and his head is looking for “first contact” to the wet pit, the warm… Meanwhile, his son’s viola teacher is weakening quite a bit.

The pressure on Konni’s rosette eases, she is completely relieved for a moment, almost grateful she feels saved from the emergency. She feels the cock of this creep already desiring the cunt hole already widened by her ex, while he continues to fuck her throat from the front. Slowly she is stretched further, she feels the acorn of this guy gliding into her grotto, deeper, in a nasty repulsive way pleasurably, as if someone wanted to feast on her suffering and defenselessness. She almost wishes he was already inside and would just fuck her. With a strong push it is then also so far, only with a guttural grunt she can acknowledge this. Now get on with it, you bastard – and like a berserker he starts to ram her too, then bends over her, supports himself on the floor with one hand, embraces her with the other, grabs her between her thighs from the front, divides her lips and quickly finds her sanctum sanctorum to let his middle finger circle purposefully on the fact that it runs over her hot. Horny she gets, without meaning to, disgusted by herself, but completely powerless against it, she gives herself to the rhythm of the double-sided pushes, gets so wet that her wet pussy smacks just as much as her mouth cunt with each of Müller’s pushes. “So, now you’re due, you dirty little whore,” he pulls himself out of the wet hole, hits her ass hard as well, greases her rosette neatly with cunt juice and spit and drills his stand persistently and emphatically into her tight little ass.

It almost tears her apart, she would scream in pain if she could. As a precaution, Robert has put his thumb and middle finger between her jaws to prevent her from biting him. And this damn bastard just keeps on massaging her now bulging pearl of lust so that it tears her back and forth between horny desire and stabbing pain. Little by little the lust outweighs in the woman, she forgets the pain, doesn’t feel it anymore, only pushes this hard beating into her, into this narrowness, and, she disgusts herself, she begins to like it.

She holds still now — like a doll.

Müller’s rock-hard cock penetrates deeper and deeper into the tight coils of the defiled, less and less she can resist her own horniness. Her ex, aware of this, loosens the hard grip between her jaws and now pushes his beating deep into her throat again completely unconcerned. Konni almost despairs of her own lust, throws her ass against Müller’s loins, wants to feel the damn thing even deeper, it would be best if it would go straight through to the other cock in her throat. But the guy wants to stimulate her even more, lets go of her clit and pushes first with two, then with three fingers into the just completely unsupplied pleasure channel. As if he could drill and push his own lance through the thin separating wall into this woman! And also she feels herself now equally impaled through all the holes, Robert grabs her tits and kneads them properly, and the woman becomes only a willing lustful piece of fuck meat. From all sides she wants it, and from all sides she gets it, hard, firm, animalistic, and she becomes completely one with this fuck, dripping almost out of all holes, is only sex, only greed, pure lust, the thrusts in her become faster and faster, the intoxication becomes wilder and wilder, until she begins to convulse with lust, to contract completely, as if she wants to squeeze out everything in her, suck it out, and she feels the cocks twitching and pumping and pouring out. She gets very hot, as if falling into the deepest abysses, almost endlessly, shivering, trembling, trembling, until she begins to float up again, light as a feather in the sunlight, only to find herself on earth again, relaxed, tired, breathing heavily – and sullied by sperm and saliva and her own juice, on the mouldy forest floor, these two men lying next to each other, still tied up themselves. Robert is the first one to stand up: “Well, there you go,” he untie them, and calls in the direction of the trees: “Well, Babs, did you get the scene well done,” and turned to Müller: “Of course you can have a little film, too, the little one is a real natural talent.

– The young mother shakes her head clear. It’s only good that her ex and her colleague, the stupid cow, moved head over heels into his penthouse in L.A. (he’s got it, the bastard) – who knows what else might have happened… Oh yes, and this Müller, the father of little Benni, she could ask him his first name, he’s actually always quite nice and friendly and has never done anything to her… But what did she actually want here? She had wanted to buy some nice little thing after all… Well, it can’t have been that important… Breathes free and relaxed, gets into her little red car and drives home again, she also has to prepare the food for her little one…

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