Tabea allows herself to be totally outed

Horny Tabea felt the men take turns squirting her pussy full. She was crowing with pleasure and kept cumming, the men and boys feeling how hot their cocks were being sprayed by the squirming pussy of hers as they poked deep into her. Horny slut you, an older man panted at her, clearly hearing how Tabea was enjoying herself. And he felt her splash his cock with her squirt as his enormously thick cock quietly poked into her. I’ll fuck you all if we win, she had said herself in the stands at her favorite soccer club. Her dress was immediately pulled up after their club’s win, and she was standing in the stands in her bare pussy in a moment.

Hands enough slid down her body, feeling her heavy flesh-memes, as they pulled her dress down as well. Her dress was wrapped around her waist like a bellybutton and she was yawning with laughter from all the caressing and plucking on and over her body. This older guy was poking amazingly into her pussy, quietly and forcefully poking deep into her pussy.

She leaned forward against the men and boys, who held her back so she couldn’t fall forward.
In the process, she continuously felt her tits being felt and her nipples being pulled.
Now Tabea had, besides big 36GG breasts, also big nipples of 2cm big, sticking out of her breasts hard. Tabea was really being milked by her tits and nipples, and she was crowing with pleasure and slight pain.
The older man pressed her forward while others grabbed Tabea’s arms and hands, keeping her from falling forward. She was bent over while the older man was fucking her doggy style and immediately saw many hard cocks in front of her face.

The horny slut had left her panties and tits off, so they could reach everything easily.
Tabea had let herself be fucked in the erotic cinema, where she had 12 cocks at her disposal.

No, a young woman like Tabea was not easily found in everyday life, she saw her pussy as a tool that could give her so many orgasms. With two regular friends she regularly did trios, they rooted her in all her holes, and also anal.

Her head was also grabbed and the first cock slid into her mouth, while her head was being plastered with many other cocks on the stand. Tabea stood there together even with about 40 men in the stands, holding her down and they took turns fucking her. With a roar, the older man emptied his cock into her pussy, while Tabea cummed loudly at the same time. The voluptuous voluptuous blonde felt, how her full pussy was immediately filled with another cock in it. Successive cocks hammered against her face and mouth, she was far too busy to suck all those cocks in turn.

One after the other cock poured itself empty inside her and she felt the semen start to slide down her legs and drip from her pussy. Sperm splattered down on her head and blonde hairdo, as some jerked off like that and squirted themselves empty all over Tabea. Everyone who pecked in her pussy felt their predecessor’s warm cum slide over their cock as they began to fuck her pussy. Tabea crowed out loudly in pleasure, she could be heard in the distance with her loud voice. Finally, the men pulled Tabea along to the equipment house, where they laid a wrestling mattress on the floor. Tabea,s dress and shoes were ripped from her body, she herself had asked if they wanted to take her hard, after winning her club.

And so they did, she enjoyed how the men used her purely as a fuck meat and cum object.
Tabea lay on her back and another pole immediately rammed into her pussy, while she was immediately offered cocks in her mouth. Thus, Tabea was again fucked and filled by several cocks, and her face and mouth were also dripping with cum later. Tabea had offered herself purely as a fuck object this day, her pussy was almost always wet.
The men jerked two crates of beer a little later, plus a bottle of Coke and Bacardi for Tabea who was parched in her throat. Other guys came running up and saw how Tabea’s pussy was wide open with cum still dripping out of it.

Tabea’s face and hairdo were also dripping with seed, her pretty face looked whorish with her makeup running through and stringy hair from all the seed. Tabea commanded them to take a break, which succeeded with some difficulty.
Tabea was definitely the hottest thing that always sat with them in the stands. Big breasts, bright blue eyes, a big round ass and a blissfully meaty body, that was Tabea. Tabea had been ramping with several men and boys before, she could have anyone she wanted.

Standing up, Tabea clocked away half a liter of Coke with Bacardi, while her pussy was already being fingered again.
Drinking Coke, she came, and it wasn’t long before she was being fucked again.
One after another man or boy, discharged their seed into her pussy or over her body, acting as a human sperm bank. And it soon went around the cafeteria that Tabea had been fucked for an hour and a half later by the first group. A new group of guys signed up like this in the equipment-house and watched their buddies pole into Tabea’s pussy.

Tabea was glistening with cum all over her face and down her tits and belly.
But she kept cumming, she had resolved to be fucked totall loss.
Well, and so she did, she had lost count of how many cocks she had had in them.
Tabea had received at least 60 cocks that day, she was constantly being filled.
Tabea was taken care of for more than 3 hours, and almost drove away from all the seed in and over her body.

Wide-legged, Tabea kept panting out after the last one had fucked her and felt horny satisfied, yet a whorish slut at the same time. There she lay, wide-legged with the cum running out of her pussy.
Her full round fleshy body was also covered in cum, and her blond long hair and face were completely smeared. Loes from behind the bar found Tabea lying wide-legged and pampered in the material-house later on, and had not noticed anything of Tabea,s orgy. The mattress was full of sticky semen and Tabea too had many white spots of dried semen on her face and body.

Loes pulled her upright and wobbling Tabea came up.
Tabea’s eyes were bloodshot, she was devastated just like that and Loes didn’t know what she saw.
I knew you really didn’t wear out that plum to piss, but did you let yourself be screwed by half the stadium, Loes asked her in surprise and slightly irritated.
I’m broken Loes, I think I’m a total loss, Tabea said with a happy smile and wobbling on her legs.

Meanwhile a few more boys came up to Tabea, but Loes told them to get lost and Tabea waved them away too. Jesus Tabea, what do you look like horny slut, your eyes are red and blood running.
Will best after a man or 40/50, she panted to Loes, I have had enough, she said dryly.
Well, let the whole stadium pummel you horny sperm mother, you’re completely covered in seed, Loes told her with a dirty face. Gadverdamme Tabea, that you use that wet horny pussy we all know, but this????
All white dried up spots on your body and face, you are a walking sperm bank horny slut, she was told by Loes.

Thank you, I am honored Tabea smiled at her.
But soon I will leave this region and I will not be here much more.
Yes logical, stupid blonde, we are leaving together for Terschelling, said Loes surprised.
Tabea wanted to give Loes a tongue kiss but Loes pulled back.
No kiss from my darling now, Tabea pouted to Loes.

Loes and Tabea were also lesbian, but actually more bi-sexual.

But when she started having some with Tabea, she knew that Tabea also liked to have a cock from time to time.
The ladies were extremely horny for each other and where Loes had sworn off cocks when she met Tabea, Tabea still just needed a hard thick cock now and then.
She did know that Tabea wanted a banging finish with some hard cock, but to be taken by half the stadium, no.
Gadverdamme, I don’t lick you ff after your excesses, said Loes irritated.
Loes was irritated and angry at the same time, but knew that Tabea had said, that she wanted to have another good bang with a lot of hard dicks.
Loes picked up the pink tight dress from the floor, which had many cum stains and was quite black with filth.
Tabea put on the dress and had to look for her shoes, which she later found.
Loes escorted Tabea towards the showers, but had to keep the boys and men away from her first.

Have you got it together horny slut, there are more cocks at your disposal, she cursed at Tabea.
Shall I call out that you want even more cocks in that flamouse, Loes told her irritably, cursing and throwing the rest of the men out of the shower loudly and clearly.
Gaddammit, don’t think I’m licking that slit of yours anymore, Tabea was told.
Yes ok, Loes had good reason to be angry, but Tabea wanted to have another one-time big orgy, she had told Loes.
Loes had no problems with it, she had said so herself.
But now Loes had become enormously jealous, after Tabea had allowed herself to be taken by about 40 men at least.
Not normal, Tabea thought to herself.

She had let herself get caught, by a particularly large group of men and boys.
40, 50 or maybe even 60 men, had fucked her, submerged her and used her.
Yes well, she offered herself completely and had no regrets herself.
Loes had agreed that in their relationship, Tabea could go cock-sitting from time to time if she felt the need.
Loes had also said that if she saw a very horny, thick pole, she might even decide to go cock-sitting again.
Tabea took a long shower, after Loes had sent all the men away and locked the shower room.
Afterwards, Loes brought her a tracksuit and towel, so she could get herself in order.
As if nothing had happened, Tabea later entered the canteen, where the club’s victory was celebrated exuberantly.
Even in a wide tracksuit, Tabea still drew all the attention with her voluptuous figure and all her round shapes.
Many women and girlfriends of the men, who had given Tabea the orgy of her life, were present in the meantime and they left her alone.
Tabea had a full feeling in her lower abdomen and noticed that she had been enormously filled up.
Even though she had taken a long shower, she noticed that her uterus was sensitive.
Aiiiii, perhaps she had been too eager after all, she thought.
The pole of a certain older man had been so big and enormously thick, that Tabea could hardly handle his cock.

She still felt after, how he had tapped her womb, so to speak.

In no time at all, Tabea had the single men standing around her, and the men with their wives were watching.
There was toasting and partying, running the polonaise, and Tabea was regularly felt up by the man in question behind her.
Tabea felt from time to time, a hard cock against her buttock and the men behind her, alternated.
In the huge crowd at the polonaise, this was not noticed and there was a big party.
Tabea had consumed quite a bit of alcohol and later noticed that she and about 10 men were suddenly outside.
They had taken Tabea in tow in the direction of a closed parking lot, which was not being used.
I can’t do any more boys, she panted to the boys.
But the zipper of the workout jacket was opened, where immediately her large breasts fell out and were felt.
Other hands slipped into the training pants and before she knew it she was being felt by many hands.
Her pussy and ass hole felt fingers tingling everywhere and Tabea quickly cummed again after that.
Before Tabea realized it, she was standing there muscle naked again.
The boys noticed that she was still horny and not much later, Tabea was leaning forward on a picnic table.
Thus, she leaned forward with her hands on the table, automatically going wide-legged.
She felt a huge cock fill her pussy and stood up, sighing and supporting herself hornily, until it was at its deepest in her pussy.
As Tabea was being fucked again, a boy climbed onto the table in front of her.
A few moments later, Tabea also had a hard cock in her mouth and felt how the big thick cock, made her pussy cum three times.
After this she felt how a warm powerful load of semen, was sprayed deeper than deep into her pussy.
Panting, the man fucked his big pole empty into the 35 year old cunt, of the beautiful voluptuous blonde.

Tabea mumbled profusely with a cock in her mouth, as she cummed like this and was simultaneously filled by the big pole.
The young boy she was sucking did not know what hit him with his cock in a mumbling mouth.
She felt the big cock slowly slide out of her pussy and at the same time felt hot cum from the young boy squirt into her mouth.
Waving from her mouth, she let the cum spill out and felt a second pole slide into her pussy.
This rabbit fucker was already squirting Tabea full with barely two minutes of fucking, and again her belly was thus filled.
A third guy piled his dick into Tabea and with just under three-four minutes also squirted her full.
Again, Tabea felt the cum being fucked out of her pussy as cock #4 slid full into her pussy.
She felt him almost completely pole the warm cum out of her pussy, with his extremely thick cock.
Sperm was fucked out of her pussy by fucker #4, and she felt the insides of her thighs leak from the cum.
After this, she sucked another man and was fucked by the remaining five other men and boys.
Semen ran down her ankles, and she had never been fucked as extremely as she was today.
She had done trios regularly and had also been fucked by four men at her request.
They wanted to take Tabea to the canteen but Tabea wanted to stay outside.
Lying on her side Tabea recovered from all the horniness and also the booze broke her up.
Tabea dressed as well as she could and waddled towards the canteen after an hour.
Numb and groggy from the booze and dead tired, Tabea stumbled into an almost empty canteen later.

Loes was waiting for her and called out, No he!!!!

You’ve let yourself get caught again, horny cock slut.
I didn’t do anything, Tabea said with double tongue and lowered herself onto a chair.
Her tits were hanging out of the training jacket and the training pants were on her thighs.
Tabea folded back on the chair and fell asleep dead tired and groggy.
Loes was livid and couldn’t get Tabea to wake up for the first four hours.
Angry, Loes got in the car and drove home, but later back, when she was at her door.
She drove back toward the soccer club and couldn’t leave Tabea behind.
So for the first four hours she had no way of waking Tabea up and she went to take care of the canteen.
Finally Tabea woke up and Loes put her in the shower again.
Tabea was still very tired, of course, but after showering for a while she regained her senses.
At half past seven in the morning they left the soccer canteen together and drove home.
Tabea was surprised that Loes let her sleep in the guest room, but she was gone in a flash.
Loes remained calm but didn’t want any physical contact with Tabea for a while, until Tabea had gotten tested.
Did you think it was crazy, she had probably let herself be grabbed by at least 50 men.
If it had been a total of maybe even 70 men, because even Tabea had never kept count.
And Tabea could forget about any physical contact with Loes for the time being.
About three days later Tabea had herself tested and, again later, fortunately turned out not to be suffering from any venereal diseases.
That was quite a relief for both of them, because Tabea had received quite a few loads of sperm in her pussy.
Loes was horrified to go down on her horny friend the first few weeks, and Tabea could go fuck herself.

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