Who does not dare, who does not win!

It’s just before twelve when I pick you up, and maybe half past twelve when we leave the highway. During the drive we didn’t talk much. It is clear how the positions are distributed. In my flushed, prepared butt there is a plug. Around my cock root and my balls is the silicone ring and over my penis is the cage.

A single traffic light still separates us from the parking lot I told you about over and over again. It is red. Suddenly I feel your hand under my chin. You force my head up and I feel heavy leather on my neck. With a practiced grip you close it. It is tight, maybe too tight – but I trust you. The traffic light turns green, and with a pounding heart I turn off. After a tight curve, I turn left, then we’re there. My hands tremble when I switch off the engine. I hand you the car keys and we get out. We are standing at the back of the square, close to a path that leads off from here and into a grove. I know exactly what happens in there. My thoughts wander and I feel excitement creeping into my veins despite my nervousness. Your voice tears me out of my head cinema.

“Well?!” The sharply spoken word brings me back to reality. We take a few steps away from the car. I look around, notice four, no, five cars. Some men got out of the car. Cigarettes glow through the night and cast a dark light on the faces of our observers. Suddenly your hand crashing into my face reminds me why we are here. The pain and shock helps. Immediately I block out what is happening around me. I slip down on my knees, lower my head to your feet and breathe a kiss on your boots. But you pull your foot away. Makes me feel that you expected more devotion. I am here for your pleasure, not mine. Your boot now presses on my neck, my face is on the asphalt. As the pressure eases, I don’t dare move. I feel you walking around me and I gasp loudly as your foot lands unerringly between my legs. The pressure in my cage eases for a second, but I immediately get stiff when you force me to stand by my hair. I know what I have to do.

I begin to unbutton my shirt. Slowly, shamefully, I know exactly that we are being watched. You are not fast enough. With a jerk, you rip your shirt apart, buttons bounce in all directions. A slap, then something bites my nipples. I suck in the air sharply and the sudden pain drives tears into my eyes. These were not clothespins. That was worse, whatever it was.

“And now, bitch – offer yourself up!”

My knees are shaking, but I’ll do as you command. As we discussed, I’m sinking down on all fours. I crawl along every car without lifting my head. Slowly I let everyone see what a submissive piece I am. My cock throbs and fights against its prison while my nipples hurt at the same time. When I have finished the round and am back with you, all eyes follow us in the parking lot. Again I kiss your boots – and then we go into the woods. The paths in there are worn out, though not wide. In the beginning there are used handkerchiefs lying around, but when we have stepped three, maybe four meters inside – me on all fours of course – your grip in my collar makes me stop abruptly.

We both know what I should do now. You told me before. I told you what I wish. Now it is only up to me whether I will actually do it. I close my eyes for a moment. My upper body is already naked, adorned only by the collar and the jewelry on my nipples. There the step to the pants is not far. With a quick movement I take them off together with my shoes and socks and get down on my knees.

“Let’s hope that your show has inspired some of them. Otherwise you will suffer,” you promise me, and already your crop hisses through the air. But as I twitch, I hear the treacherous cracking of branches. We’ve got company. When you notice this, too, your beating stops. I breathe heavily, the excitement is almost gone – but you enjoy it, how this dirty, undignified piece winds in the dirt under your feet. A juicy, final blow hits my unprotected balls exactly and I howl. You force me back down on all fours and only now do I realize that three men followed us. “You embarrass me, bitch. No discipline.” I just nod, breathing fast and hard. I notice how this situation turns me on. More and more, I become friends with the circumstances. Drop me. Understand that I have given up my right to have a say and have placed myself entirely in your hands. It is these hands that now connect the brutal clamps on my nipples with a string. It is these hands that pull the plug out of my ass and carelessly throw it away. It is these hands that now put the handle of the crop deep into it.

One kick and I crawl away. I crawl towards the three guys. In my head fireworks rockets are ignited, with deafening noise they draw wonderful pictures. I imagine what I look like. Naked. Undignified. Defenseless. As you commanded, my head does not rise above the belt. A male, hard hand grabs my hair, suddenly pulls me up to his waistband. I feel the pulsating toughness of this completely unknown guy, and then you are standing next to us. Whispering in my ear: “Ready?”

And I just nod. Then I slowly raise my hands. Undo the belt. Feel my excitement. And his. He is big and jumps straight towards me as I pull down his shorts. This masculine smell jumps into my nose and my mouth opens by itself. He grabs my hair, rams his cock into my mouth. It hurts as his thick rod penetrates my throat. I have to choke, which frightens my tormentor – but I can rely on you. You grab my hands, force them onto my back, one click – handcuffs keep me from any further movement. Then you grab the back of my head, force my mouth in front of my wet cock, and help me to become the unrestrained bitch I always wanted to be. One moan rewards you and me, and then finally all mercy is gone. Your hands hold me relentlessly while my whore mouth is used. Regardless of me, of my choking, of my resistance. When my former tormentor, who is now my patron, comes, he forces his full length beating down my throat. I can hardly breathe, I feel him twitching, I don’t even taste his sperm, he is so deep inside me.

He pushes me away from him as he pulls out his cock. While I lie panting on the forest floor, happy about the little bit of air, he starts to wrap up his cock. “Wait,” you say to him. Then you bend down to me. You stroke my sweaty head, breathe towards me: “You did a great job. Now be who you want to be. Make me proud.”

Defiantly I raise my nose. I want to wipe the saliva dripping down my chin, but how?! My hands are tied! You help me down on my knees. I spread my knees wide out, put my feet on top of each other. Then I look my fucker straight in the face, and finally I say, “Thank you for everything, Lord. May … “May this bitch clean you out with her tongue?

My eyes have gotten used to the dark. I see astonishment on his face, slight insecurity. He enjoyed it, definitely, but he’s not used to this. He hesitates. My self-confidence increases, my excitement is back. The two other guys are still standing a little bit away, they enjoyed the spectacle. One jerks off openly, the other has his hands treacherously hidden deep in the pockets of his sweatpants. My shame is overcome. I feel something like pride about what I have dared to do – and I am so excited that I am afraid my cage will burst soon. With a barely perceptible tremor I say quite loudly: “I know this is not what you are used to. No quick fuck, no quick blowjob. But I want that humiliation. I want to be a slut. To be used. It turns me on. Please help me to be exactly that. A whore. Don’t be shy.”

Then I bend over and start to lick with my tongue over the half-slackened cock. His sperm and my spit have woven together to a lukewarm mixture. Disgust fights my excitement, but I lick and lick and playfully take the tail back into my mouth. It only takes a few minutes, then everything is as clean as it can be under these circumstances.

When I lean back again, I feel my aching knees. You notice that too and help me carefully on my legs. You breathe a kiss into my neck and I glow with pride. Then I notice that the situation has changed. Around us, there are no longer the three men who came in here. There are five of them, and a sixth one is just coming in…

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